Hyster S25A:
Drive axle won't release.

Working on (or being worked on by) an S20a, I believe. The stamped ID is A10D so I'm assuming that is correct. I'm trying to pull the drive axles to get to the non-existent brakes. So far I've looked at what YouTube videos are available and have followed those but am unable to pull the axle. I've used the two 7/16 14 drive holes to push the axle hub and it has moved apart from the wheel rim but won't come free. It almost acts like there might be a retainer ring on the gear end since it seems to have a bit of spring action sucking it back in a bit. I don't have a diagram or manual to go by at this point so I'm needing some experienced voices to let me know if I just need a bigger hammer. I've already stripped out 4 bolts and re-tapped the holes. Thanks.
  • Posted 7 Apr 2023 04:21
  • Discussion started by bernie_digman
  • New Mexico, United States
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Thanks. I did open up the brake cylinder bleeder to help. I'd just assumed it was the brake shoes as it's so old. I finally figured out how to use the dead blow hammer on the hub and the push-bolts to loosen up the cone washers enough to pull them. Once they were out the hub did come out. Then I used a wedge attachment from a hydraulic body/frame kit from Harbor Freight to jam between the mast and the wheel. It worked to push the wheel off the spindle. That's when I discovered the shoes and drum look almost new. I get no movement from the piston rod at the brake cylinder so I'll be rebuilding or replacing the master cylinder and brake cylinders if I can source the parts. Thanks for the info, too.
  • Posted 8 Apr 2023 14:14
  • Reply by bernie_digman
  • New Mexico, United States
betcha the brake shoes are holding it on.
There is no retaining ring holding the axles. That spring effect your seeing is probably the brake shoes stuck inside the drums.
your going to have to de-adjust the brakes and hope they haven't worn out so bad that the drum has a ridge in it. If that's the case your going to have to use pry bars and force the drum off which is going to break the brake hardware.
These were always difficult to get off.
  • Posted 8 Apr 2023 09:22
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!

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