Daewoo fork lift transmissions

Hello, Does anyone know what transmission is used in Daewoo asian fork lifts (Diesel). I mean the brand, do they use transmissions such as clark or their own transmissions?
  • Posted 18 Nov 2005 21:16
  • Discussion started by PSHANK
  • Bavaria, Germany
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hellooo x carver

are you treat for part daewoo elestric?
  • Posted 6 Nov 2007 23:33
  • Reply by Ridwanforklift
  • DKI JAKARTA, Indonesia
Best Regards

MY email id is prasanna_srm at yahoo dot com
  • Posted 29 Nov 2005 23:09
  • Reply by PSHANK
  • Bavaria, Germany
Yes. You are right. Import duty is very high in Indian market. For this reason there are few foreign brand. Please leave your e-mail on this board.
  • Posted 29 Nov 2005 21:59
  • Reply by xcarver
  • Seoul, Korea, Republic Of
Hello Xcarver,

Thanks for your reply. Could you tell me the market percentage for Daewoo's forklift. How many units does Doosan daewoo sell per annum in India (on an average). I heard compared to local brands Daewoo's market is low owing to the import duty and thereby higher costs. Am i right?
  • Posted 29 Nov 2005 21:22
  • Reply by PSHANK
  • Bavaria, Germany
Yes, Doosan had been used same powertrain on export models and domestic models. There are no differences in Doosan's Forklifts.
  • Posted 28 Nov 2005 19:49
  • Reply by xcarver
  • Seoul, Korea, Republic Of
Dear Xcarver,

Does the same thing aplly to daewoo forklifts marketed in India? Do they use korean and ZF on their Indian markets too?
  • Posted 28 Nov 2005 18:59
  • Reply by PSHANK
  • Bavaria, Germany
Doosan forklifts are always installed the quality proven and durable powertrains. In case of below 5 ton its powertrain are made by Korean manufacturer and regually audited by Doosan's quality control team. In case of above 5 Ton Doosan use ZF full autoshift transmission.
  • Posted 28 Nov 2005 13:24
  • Reply by xcarver
  • Seoul, Korea, Republic Of
Hello chrism,

Say for fork lifts below 8 T and those above 8T?
  • Posted 24 Nov 2005 19:03
  • Reply by PSHANK
  • Bavaria, Germany
Hello,Depends on the capacity of the truck.
  • Posted 24 Nov 2005 18:59
  • Reply by chrism
  • Thueringen, Germany

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