Crown SC 3200 SERIES:
Crown SC3240-1.8 drives the wrong direction

Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me, because the technician's have no clue anymore!

In april 2012 we've bought a second hand forklift, Type SC3240-1.8, Serial N° 9A136953. From the start I noticed this verry strange problem, one that Crown itself has never ancountered before.

What happens is, sometimes when I change gear (from reverse to forward) my forklift has a mind of it's own. When I steer to the left, it drives forward, like it should. But when I steer to the right, it starts moving backwards, WHILE THE GEAR IS STILL IN FORWARD.

According to Crown I am the only person in the world that has this problem, they've changed the "brake and dir contractors" when they came to repair the truck the first time.
The second time they cleaned out the "linecontractor" and calibrated the "potmeter".
The third time they didn't do all that much, but tought the problem was located in the "TCM".
The fourth time they changed the "TCM".
The fifth and last time a technician came by, they've changed the feedback controler.

I have no clue what's going wrong, or where the issue is located, but neither does Crown. What's hard to believe for me is that I'm the only driver in the world that is encountering this problem.
Did enyone encounter the same problem? Or one verry similar? Any help would be great, because this machine is a safety hazard, and my boss does not want to replace it. So I want to at least know WHY the truck drives in the wrong direction, that way I can prepare for it, and not hit a wall,...

Thanks in advance, if you need any other information, just let me know
  • Posted 8 Sep 2012 20:39
  • Discussion started by Dimitri
  • Antwerp, Belgium
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Did they fixed it? 3 wheel truck achieve tight turning radius by turning outer wheel in desired direction and internal wheel in opposite. What most likely happen that one motor stopped working or N/C contacts on FR or RW are not closing. Did anybody raised the truck in air and observed if both drive wheels are spinning?
  • Posted 17 Jan 2013 01:00
  • Reply by ivan_j
  • Ontario, Canada
According to Crown the feedback pot is working as intended, at the moment my truck is disassembled in a German warehouse, and technicians are breaking their head because they haven't seen this problem before.

Thanks for your reply, but I'm using a replacement truck untill they've found out what is wrong with my truck. As soon as I get updated, you will too!
  • Posted 21 Dec 2012 19:27
  • Reply by Dimitri
  • Antwerp, Belgium
sorry haven't looked at europe site for a while but sound like steer feedback pot is malfunctioning
when it thinks you are at 45degrees steering it turns off inside motor
on full steering lock it places one motor in forward and other in reverse
  • Posted 21 Dec 2012 08:59
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
This occured when Crown Technicians where on-site. So at least they believe me now :-)

With an external-computer connected to the forklift, the technician was able to figure out what was going wrong:

The controlling device that sends the data about the steering-wheel direction to the driving-wheels sends out spikes of wrong data. E.g. my steering wheel is at an angle of -90° but the controller tells my driving wheels it's at a -40° position. That's the reason my forklift busted out some crazy moves :p

We're getting a new forklift, 4200-series, because the technician didn't trust the 3200-series anymore (this happened to me on a replacement machine as well)

Atm I can't tell you exactly what's going wrong, but as soon as the technician knows more (he's having a meeting about this issue with the German main office) he'll mail me. And I'll make sure to post it for future reference.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2012 19:33
  • Reply by Dimitri
  • Antwerp, Belgium

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