Crown 35SCTT:
Crown 35SCTT ISSUES. 36 volt Electric Forklift.

Finally got my forklift working after replacing the EV100 controller and card. Problem now is that when traveling on a slightly inclined chip seal asphalt surface, when one of the drive wheels slips only slightly, the truck shuts down and I have to turnoff the key and wait for at least 30 seconds to one minute before turning it back on and getting the the contactors to re-engage and the forklift will move again. Is this normal? Is there a safety circuit that causes this issue?
Also with the battery at 37 volts, the unit will barely climb a 12 % grade (3 rise feet in 25 feet distance) concrete ramp into my shop. I would expect it to do this without a problem. Is this normal?

Am I missing something here or are these actions normal.
  • Posted 15 Sep 2023 21:46
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  • Discussion started by Mike_Risinger
  • Texas, United States
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Thanks TommyFrank04. Looks like it is operating as it should.
  • Posted 17 Sep 2023 05:42
  • Reply by Mike_Risinger
  • Texas, United States
Normally forklifts don't do well going up inclines. I'm not sure on the specs for that unit in particular but most fork lifts max out at about a 10% incline. The forklift is operating properly. It is detecting the slip of one of the wheels and shutting down. I'll look more into the specs of that specific truck but most likely the grade is too steep.
  • Posted 15 Sep 2023 22:15
  • Modified 15 Sep 2023 22:58 by poster
  • Reply by DyslexicNerd_01
  • Wisconsin, United States

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