Crown RR 5000:
Control handle calabration

How do i calibrate the control handle. the dash display says to return the to center
  • Posted 6 Jul 2011 06:02
  • Discussion started by REDISH
  • California, United States
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If condition occurs as you step on floorplate fault will be in handle
If condition occurs when you try to drive/lift/reach fault may be in floor plate
check your fault codes and see if you are getting switch codes logged or pot codes
If not then just recalibrate
if truck works in dusty environment blow off optical switches
  • Posted 24 Dec 2011 08:02
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
having 16 of these go into analyze and check voltages on pots 1, 2 if their out of electrical limit you will get the center handel on the display.. probbly have to change pot 1 thats the traction pot they have to be no more than 2.7 volts in nutrual position
  • Posted 24 Dec 2011 05:22
  • Reply by irrk1
  • Massachusetts, United States
having 16 of these go into analyze and check voltages on pots 1, 2 if their out of electrical limit you will get the center handel on the display.. probbly have to change pot thatb the traction pot they dont last long only plastic.. good luck
  • Posted 24 Dec 2011 05:17
  • Reply by irrk1
  • Massachusetts, United States
Floorplate switch problems will sometimes give you this indication. I usually see left pedal or right pedal of center handle, and it all ends up being wiring to the floorplate. It could just as well be a handle problem. You need a book. You can check all the switches and potentiometers from the dashboard in analyzer mode. If you have the dreaded standard display,which has much less characters on the display than the enhanced display, the anyalyzer mode is tricky.
  • Posted 10 Nov 2011 14:45
  • Reply by Liftdoctor
  • Indiana, United States
you need replace the control handle, with someone you know is working ok.
if you have not, check, for little crakcs, but i know you need to replace for a new one.
  • Posted 5 Aug 2011 11:12
  • Reply by raul_s
  • San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Check the optic sensors, make sure there clean and dust free first.
  • Posted 8 Jul 2011 13:44
  • Reply by 1Crusader
  • California, United States

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