Crown RC3020-30:

Have a Crown 3020-30 that has a list of codes in it and runs good most of the time. The codes in memory are

The 208 seems to be the biggest offender which I have read to be steering feedback. This truck is sometimes parked on a rough portion of floor which may impede smooth movement of the steering. Could this be causing this code?

The only occasional problem that happens with the truck is that when up past a level where the micro switch that is mounted to the back of the platform is not depressed it will only move in reverse. The problem being when you are up high in a rack you are stuck in the air. The lift still works but no reverse. Forward works fine. When you depress the micro switch on the back of the platform this solves the problem and the lift will once again move in reverse. I have a stick to depress it when I am stuck in the air. Any thoughts on what this could be. I checked the normally open switch and it is functioning correctly so the switch doesn't appear to be the problem. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Posted 17 Jun 2016 01:26
  • Discussion started by JFGold
  • Delaware, United States
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Yes, RC3000 series are EV100. He must be talking about an RC or RR/RD 5000 series or newer!?!?
But with reading his description... "Platform" etc... sounds like SP maybe? SP3000 series store multi codes.

If this is an SP3000... Your 2XX codes are steer issues. Yes rough bad floors can cause steer codes. As far as your travel issue and bypassing your height reset (the switch you mentioned on the back of platform) enables travel... I would say that would be a combination of your steer issues and an height encoder and/or height switches. If you have a faulty encoder and/or out of sequence or faulty height switch. Travel could be cut out if feedback is showing you are turning too sharp.

Just guessing though with the info provided. Again this theory is if we are talking SP NOT RC
  • Posted 23 Jun 2016 00:02
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  • Reply by chevotaman
  • Texas, United States
It's all just nuts n' bolts.
I thought RC3020 was an Ev100 system, so only one code stored and you need the handset to read it....are you sure its an RC3020? Also no steer feedback sensor on that truck, just steer switches to cutout/reverse drive when on full lock.
  • Posted 22 Jun 2016 16:28
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand

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