Hyster S30C:
Can I add side shift to this mast?

I am in the process of rebuilding my machine, while I am at it I figured it would be a good time to add side shift if possible. I have the parts and service manual for my S30C but there is no side shift listed as an additional option. Although there is no side shift listed, there is several versions of the control valve in where there is a 3 and 4 valve control unit listed. The mast is a three stage, and is about to get new bronze bushings and bearings if they need replaced. Has anyone done a side shift install on a 1978(ish) S30c? The lift serial is A10D13777, the data plate is of course missing so the serial number shown is the one from the frame stamping. The mast information is as follows:

  • Posted 12 May 2023 08:21
  • Discussion started by tom206_t
  • California, United States
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Run it through tilt. Get the cascade electric solenoid valve and hose reel kit
  • Posted 17 Sep 2023 22:15
  • Reply by forkliftpete
  • Ontario, Canada

I don't know if the mast is "numbers matching" for the forklift, the 215xxx triple stage mast is listed in the service and parts manual for this model and year range. The mast does seem to appear to be close to the year of manufacture of the forklift (which is still unknown because of the weird serial number).

All the side shifts I have looked at are Cascade, and match what you had said JayR. I know they are typically not installed on small lifts like this, however, I have seen a couple that have them on. They as well may have been an owner installation. I have a small shop and this forklift is the perfect size, I never needed side shift until I bought a Yale 3000lb with side shift. It has been soo helpful in many ways, and I have been able to do many tasks because of it. I originally bought the Yale to replace the Hyster, but when I got the Yale to the shop I found it is much bulkier than the Hyster. When I did my research I found that Hyster is the physically smallest 3000lb package. So, I rebuild the Y112, the hydraulic pump, replaced the soft lines, rebuilt the worn out controls, resealed the powershift trans, completely rebuilt the wiring harness, and updated the ignition system. I figured the forklift would likely outlive me at this point, so I want to install a side shift. If possible I would add side shift and a fork positioner at this point, I am about to rebuild the mast assembly.

I am still looking for all the parts, ideally I would find an old unit that I could swap the side shift parts over from instead of piecemealing it all together.
  • Posted 25 May 2023 10:39
  • Reply by tom206_t
  • California, United States
Side shifts on forklifts are typically added on after build with such companys as Cascade- which is mostly the brand I see, usually built into a completely different fork carriage. If you want to buy a new one find the mast number, usually stamped about shoulder height on the outside of the mast and contact Cascade, maybe they still offer a carriage w/side shift that will fit the that mast. OR find a used lift at a lift salvage yard of similar size with a compatible mast. As far as controls you can use a multifunction dual solenoid and use one spool for 2 functions, say take tilt spool, push a button mounted on control handle and now same spool works side shift. That being said that size lift usually do not have side shift-at least what I have seen- as you usually can side shift good enough in most cases by cranking the wheel one way or the other :)
  • Posted 19 May 2023 01:42
  • Modified 19 May 2023 01:43 by poster
  • Reply by JayR
  • Florida, United States
the sideshifter is listed as an 'optional' option. it will not be listed in the mast section of the parts book. and according to the mast number range your showing i'm not sure about that, what hyster shows is not that '215480' range. this mast may be off another truck that was fitted on this truck. that was done alot back in the day. 'mast swapping'.
i think your going to have to get hyster dealer or factory to help get the correct hose group and sideshifter for this.
  • Posted 12 May 2023 21:31
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
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