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Blowing head gaskets in a Peugeot engine

Yes, that engine....
Do these engines just seem to eat head gaskets? I have the factery torque instructions and have folowed them to the letter but keep blowing the gasket between 2 and 3. I've even had this engine sent to my engine rebuilder with the same results. Twice....
Aside from possable torqure issues i have:
installed new water pump, thermostat, and had the block and radiator flushed (that covers overheating problems)
complete tune up, set timing 8 deg btdc (vac advance unhooked)
LP system overhaul (incase it's running lean)
had the cylinder liners checked for bad lower seals and had block checked for straightness(?), you know if truelly flat or not
I've done this head personally 3 times, and others i think have done it 3 other times. Plus we sent it out twice (the whole engine not just the head)
Aside from the very first time the head was sent out, the head has not worped(SP)

Are these engines, because of the cylinder liner design, just not happy campers?

Oh, after re-assembly valve lash and all the other normal type suff has been done. This last time I put it together it ran like a champ, no smoke and plenty of power.

I'm at home and can't remember the exact model or serial #

P.S. looks like it's comming back into the shop after newyears. Since it looks as though a herc 2.7 will drop right in I might just swap that pueeegeot out....
  • Posted 29 Dec 2006 13:11
  • Discussion started by Stickboy
  • Wisconsin, United States
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You say you are following the facory torque procedures, but whether or not you are aware there are two procedures for the heads based on the head bolt size.

Early engines: M12 x 1.5mm head bolts
Later engines: M11 x 1.5mm head bolts

The torque down procedure is very different bewteen the two.

I will not type out the lengthy tightening procedures as you may already be aware of the above. If you need the procedure post back here with the size of head bolts you have.
  • Posted 3 Jan 2007 22:09
  • Reply by daniel_g
  • Flevoland, Netherlands

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