Crown 3400 SERIES:
Beeping / Neutral / Pedal On Startup, and in Forward

Hi All,

Our sp3400 will continually beep on startup, and display neutral pedal. If we go in reverse, the beeping stops and the picker drivers normally. If we put it in reverse, the beeping starts again, the picker displays NEUTRAL and the service spanner illuminates. Any ideas?

  • Posted 5 May 2015 08:21
  • Discussion started by toby_o
  • Victoria, Australia
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When checking connections. I typically remove the connection, if it is a spade terminal or a ring terminal, i clean with a soft brass brush or a maroon scotchbright pad, coat with DeOxit and reassemble. I find that (especially in my evap cooled warehouse) the connections tarnish to some degree which in my mind causes nuisance coding. If it is a hardwired connections such as the connections of overmast cables on the distribution board. Once a year I cut all the cables and restrip for fresh wire connection. Usually end up with plenty of cable since the overmast cables stretch.

Code 333 from the book

POT1 (traction command potentiometer) above electrical limit

traction disabled

connect service terminal and access traction analyzer, traction input, view throttle. Center position voltage 2.4v to 2.6v, full foward travel 4.62v, full reverse travel 0.4v,

if: voltage is above specified range
then adjust pot 1 and calibrate

if: pot 1 cannot be adjusted
then check wire connections tb101-19, -20, -21, CA204-1, -2, -3, CA208-1, -2, -3, and CA403-7, -8, -15

IF: wiring OK
then replace POT 1 and calibrate.

TB101 is on the lift platform
CA204 and 208 are on the distribution board
CA403 is on the traction module MRC1
  • Posted 12 Jul 2015 03:56
  • Modified 12 Jul 2015 04:05 by poster
  • Reply by Mercanyin
  • Arizona, United States
333 is traction pot above electrical limit.

Again... bad pot or improper calibration. other than that you may have to start tracing/testing wires and connections for shorts/opens.

Check conn at...
  • Posted 8 Jul 2015 23:10
  • Modified 8 Jul 2015 23:15 by poster
  • Reply by chevotaman
  • Washington, United States
It's all just nuts n' bolts.
Thanks for the replies,

The problem is still intermittently appearing, with code 333.

Any more ideas?

  • Posted 8 Jul 2015 10:15
  • Reply by toby_o
  • Victoria, Australia

I have many SP's and throttle pots are one of the main things that fail.

You should remove the cover on the operator platform. Plug handset into the machine. Check what Chevotaman said. Also check and make sure the forward and reverse switches are set properly. Whenever I calibrate throttle pots I always mechanically set it on the spur gears first while watching the voltage on the handset. When I'm satisfied that it is in the proper position mechanically then lock it down. Only at this point can you calibrate it digitally with the handset.

The throttle pots DO have a mechanical stop in them and if you don't mechanically set them in their centered position when you go to use the throttle grip the pot will max out and jump a tooth on the spur gears or wear the spur gear out(they are plastic), then your pot will be out of range again.
  • Posted 28 May 2015 02:56
  • Reply by Mercanyin
  • Arizona, United States
Sounds like a travel pot issue... either not calibrated properly or its bad. If you look at your pot with service terminal you should be at 2.4 to 2.6 in N pos and close to 4.6 full fwd and close to 0.4 full rev.

What code is logged?

Could be a fwd rev switch also???...
  • Posted 9 May 2015 03:03
  • Reply by chevotaman
  • Washington, United States
It's all just nuts n' bolts.

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