Toyota 5FBE15:
Accessory Lights/ error code C0/ no movement

I have a Toyota 5FBe15 that my customer is wanting to put accessory lights on. Truck is 36 volts. I initially installed these accessory lights on the main ground terminal N1 and made the hot come from key switch. This was not a good solution. I ended up throwing an error code C0 on the truck and had to eat parts and labor because of my mess up. I initially installed three new transistors(tsm003) and a cpu board(24210-12240-71) and hooked the lights up differently with a 36v 4 wire solenoid. I used the strobe light hot and ground to signal the solenoid and had all lights grounded to N1 terminal and pass through for the solenoid come from the hot terminal P2. This is to achieve what my customer wants( key on safety lights.) After hooking this up this way the lift lasted about 6 hours or so and gave the same code C0. After doing further research I found multiple people saying the DC board was their problem. I installed DC board(24230-12242-71), three more transistors and unhooked the lights right now and it has been two days without any problems. Before I hook the lights up again I want to make sure that running a 36v four wire solenoid using the strobe light wires to signal the solenoid is not my problem. Thanks and all help is welcome.
  • Posted 14 May 2021 00:50
  • Discussion started by Matt_Cade
  • Tennessee, United States
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The safety lights that I am installing are rated 12 to 80 volts. I'm just trying to make sure that I don't draw power from the wrong place and mess up a card.
  • Posted 18 May 2021 11:27
  • Reply by Matt_Cade
  • Tennessee, United States
Use a converter 36v to 24volts or whatever voltage you need, 12 volt even better, you can use 12volt bulbs.
In modern trucks sometimes the canbus system is a problem so i always use a converter much safer.
The european stobes are usable from 12-110volts, there is a converter in it, i always put a microrelais between it to avoid problems.

  • Posted 16 May 2021 00:09
  • Reply by John
  • Netherlands

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