Hyster W45Z HD:
43571-17 Node 8

Have a Hyster W45ZHD that intermittently displays EPAS Torque Sensor 43571-7 Node: 8. I have the service manual for a w46zhd but cannot find this error code, I cannot duplicate while I'm on site. At a loss here, wondering if anyone can lead me to where I need to check.
  • Posted 24 Aug 2023 21:15
  • Discussion started by Still_Learning
  • Kansas, United States
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Could not find anything on that specific code. Did find a listing for 43571-7. This states there is an issue with the electrical power steering assist. Make sure all electrical connections for this system are clean and tight. You may have a connection that is intermittent. I would raise the back and turn the control handle back and forth with no weight. Make sure it moves freely. Any heavy drag will need to be addressed. Good Luck.
  • Posted 6 Sep 2023 00:43
  • Reply by Fishmech
  • Virginia, United States
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