Hyster H150F:
1982 H150F, lift cylinder removal


Have a 1982 H-150-F (serial number D6T1940C, GM 250 straight six for engine) that I would like to have the lift cylinder rebuilt, it's leaking from the top seal. I'll be taking it to a place that specializes in cylinder rebuilding. Does this sound like a logical approach to remove the cylinder:

- Run machine, lift the carriage up about 6" and block it in place.
- secure cylinder so it wont move as ram is lowered
- undo lift chains and bolt holding cylinder to top.
- lower ram, turn off machine.
- undo hydraulic fittings and bolts at bottom of cylinder.
- lift cylinder out from machine.

I have a small dump truck with a HIAB crane to assist with removing the cylinder.

photos of machine:
[seems the site wont let me link to them.]

Also this machine has a wet clutch, does anyone have a good description of how these work? No leaks in the time I've owned it but I'm not familiar with how they work.

Thanks for any help.
  • Posted 17 May 2019 09:43
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  • Discussion started by Greg9504
  • Ontario, Canada
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Got the cylinder out following basically what I thought above. Ran into two problems that made the job much longer than it should have been. The top of the cylinder where it meets the fork carriage was seized. Improvised a large pickle fork out of some wood splitting wedges and a piece of angle iron. Then one of the nuts for the chain was seized. After trying for a long while we finally realized all we had to do was remove a pin. Once the cylinder was out of the machine I then cut the nut off and I'll replace both with new as they are nylon lock nuts.

If you are board and want to watch amature hour you can search youtube for "greg9504 hyster" and that should bring up the video of removing it.

Dropped it off at a place here in Ottawa that specializes in cylinder rebuilding, they can even redo the chrome if needed.

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  • Posted 22 May 2019 10:48
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  • Reply by Greg9504
  • Ontario, Canada

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