Toyota 7HBW23:
0% battery display with flashing battery icon on handle

Truck came in to shop with travel but no lift function with 0% on the handle display. Tested batteries found 2 weak batteries and 2 marginal. Batteries were over 4 yrs old so replaced with 4 new. After battery install display still read 0%. Plugged in to charger and let run for full cycle. Checked voltage and load tested each battery 99-100% and +/- 6.33 volts each battery. Plugged in to truck and display read 100% and everything functioned. Cycled key and display read 0% with battery light flashing and travel but no lift function. With multiple key cycles handle will alternate between 0% and 100%. No codes showing and have tried swapping many parts from known working jack. Issue stays with the truck.
Any thoughts or idea would be greatly appreciated.
  • Posted 17 Jan 2013 07:55
  • Discussion started by darek_s
  • Massachusetts, United States
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Hello. I am having the same issue....I'm going to read more to see if you got it figured out. If you did, and you see this, please respond to my email jonneejohnson at yahoo dot com
Thank you
  • Posted 16 Sep 2023 06:11
  • Modified 16 Sep 2023 10:25 by administrator
  • Reply by Jonnee_Johnson
  • Arizona, United States
Jonnee Johnson
Thanks, I thought it was something inside the unit hidden somewhere. Our models have the rocker switch only. No keys.
  • Posted 17 Jan 2015 20:58
  • Reply by Rabbitt
  • Pennsylvania, United States
The key switches on my machines are located right next to where the battery connector plugs in to run the machine. There is a key switch and a red rocker switch next to each other.
  • Posted 17 Jan 2015 02:52
  • Reply by darek_s
  • Massachusetts, United States
Thanks for the additional information. Can you please indicate where the key switch is located? I see it in the schematics but I can't seem to find it on the truck.
  • Posted 16 Jan 2015 05:33
  • Reply by Rabbitt
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Never too old to learn
The issue with my truck was a faulty intermittent key switch. When cycling the key the voltage would get interrupted going to the board and it would show 0% even though the batteries and all connections were good. I replaced the key switch and problem solved.
  • Posted 15 Jan 2015 02:43
  • Reply by darek_s
  • Massachusetts, United States
The circuit board is in the handle controls. The part number is TO 00590-47051-71
  • Posted 15 Jan 2015 00:10
  • Reply by Rabbitt
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Never too old to learn
I know this is an old subject, but I have come across this same issue. I have two of these models. I have compared and swapped out parts to troubleshoot. This is not a battery issue but the circuit board. The battery indicator says 0 but when I swapped out the circuit boards, the indicator showed 100 and the lift worked. There is something in the board that is not sensing the voltage of the battery and not allowing the forks to lift. Hope this helps.
  • Posted 14 Jan 2015 01:08
  • Reply by Rabbitt
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Never too old to learn
I'm seeing over 25 volts at the cables and I'm also seeing it at the service key test port, which I'm told shares the same wires going up the handle to the etac card. With all the components I've swapped out now I'm leaning towards either a main harness short or a short in the harness that runs up the handle. I'm going to swap handles to rules out the handle harness. Then I'll just be left with a main harness issue if the problem still remains.
  • Posted 19 Jan 2013 22:37
  • Reply by darek_s
  • Massachusetts, United States
Double check the total output voltage to the end of your battery cable to the truck. Could have a bad battery cable. The etac card wont reset until the controller sees at least 25.5 volts(thats been the case for the last few years).. Put a charge on the new batteries and put voltmeter on the cables as it charges to make sure the batteries are charging correctly. If you have a curtis handset you can read the voltage the controlerl is seeing. If you have another unit swap the batteries and see if problem continues. hopefully this will help you out.
  • Posted 19 Jan 2013 17:55
  • Reply by fixnproblems
  • Texas, United States

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