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Sling Safety Conference

United States, City of Commerce, California - 29th October 2003
Lift-It Manufacturing Company will host the Fall Sling Safety Conference.

The Sling User Class will feature general information, sling designs, wear protection and mechanical and environmental considerations. The four hour presentation will conclude at 11:00.

The afternoon session will feature the Sling Inspector Program. The participants will be introduced to the inspection process, systems, techniques, and record keeping. A heavy emphasis will be placed on identifying the cause of sling damage and making valid recommendations to prevent reoccurrence. In addition, criteria for removal from service from an O.S.H.A. and A.N.S.I. perspective will be fully covered.

The final phase of the seminar will feature fabrication demonstrations for web, round and Twin-Path?slings. The plant visit at Lift-It?Manufacturing will also feature a proof test demonstration conducted on a High Performance Fiber Sling, as well as product displays.

The Sling Safety Program is presented by Michael J. Gelskey, the founder and owner of Lift-It?Manufacturing. He has thirty years of experience in the fabrication of synthetic products. He has educated thousands of Sling Users and Inspectors during the past twenty-seven years. Michael is a member of the Technical subcommittee for synthetic products, AWRF, ASSE, NUTSEA, NATE, SC&RA, ACRP, AWEA, REC and WSTDA.

Prior attendees have been extremely complimentary in their post conference evaluations. One prevailing comment was that the seminar imparted a tremendous amount of useful information and a newfound awareness and appreciation for proper product usage and procedure, through education. Another, very common post-conference comment has always been, "I wish more people from my organization could have attended".

Early registrations are encouraged. The class size is deliberately limited for maximum benefit and participation.

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29th October 2003
Wyndham Hotel
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The specific details are available by viewing the "Newsletter" section of the Lift-it web site at www.lift-it.com or by contacting the Conference Coordinator, Michelle Brown at (323) 582-6076 x 12.
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