Work with forklifts? Tell us a story!

- 11 Aug 2022 ( #1089 )
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Forkliftaction’s “Forklift Diaries” is a place where we like to share real-life experiences of people who work in materials handling.

Our little blog aims to celebrate the huge variety of roles that make up the materials handling community and the tales that stir within.

From drivers to trainers, dealers, techs, engineers, managers, salespeople and more, we’d love to hear your story!

Nothing fancy, just a few simple words (and a photo or two) about your work with forklifts: a weird or a typical experience, a strange encounter, a challenging dilemma, a confession or a funny anecdote…

Here are some topics that may inspire you:

  • Interesting worksites or cargo
  • Reflections on a long career in materials handling
  • Perspectives/experiences as a tech, trainer, operator, engineer, dealer, recruiter or other role in materials handling…
  • Experiences and stories about learning (on) the job
  • Women in the industry
  • A day in the life of a busy materials handling operation
  • First week on the job – tell us how it is going!
  • The role of forklifts in your small business
  • Interesting tactics you apply to encourage staff wellbeing, safety and development
  • Interesting forklift histories or refurbishments
  • Materials handling businesses getting involved in the local community
  • Pitch us your own idea – we’d love to hear it

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We will consider your submission and write the story with you! Just keep in mind the informal and non-promotional style of this blog, the Forklift Diaries.

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