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- 19 Nov 2020 ( #1001 )
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When time is money, mobile weighing is an efficient, profit-driven solution. By capturing the weight of material, whether on a pallet or free-standing, without stopping to drop the load on a fixed floor scale, transporters improve productivity and intra-logistics.

Mobile weighing systems create immediate cost savings and often deliver a complete return on investment within months. As an example, if your shipping department weighs an average of four pallets per hour using a hand pallet truck, with a RAVAS mobile weighing system, you save a minute and a half per pallet weighed. That means a daily saving of 48 minutes, or 200 hours per year. If a warehouse employee earns $25 per hour, you save $5,000 per year, and the mobile weighing system will have earned itself back within three months.

RAVAS has created a process where users of its mobile weighing systems can integrate the flow of materials and information. Mobile weighing scales allow integration of weight information where it's most productive: on the lift truck. RAVAS has transformed material handling equipment into a platform for generating real-time information on material flows. Materials are identified, weighed, dimensioned, and photographed, and the scales systems captures and then shares that data with WMS or ERP systems via truck terminals and wireless networks. This information is made available to logistics professionals and software platforms improving efficiency and lowering operating costs.

RAVAS manufactures and distributes mobile weighing scale systems perfectly suited for material handling operations and industrial warehouses. RAVAS offers a product line that includes scale systems for hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks, and forklift trucks. With the updated 320 driver display, RAVAS offers the RAVAS WeightsApp. This is a free of charge solution for collecting and sending weighing data, and it also serves as a remote display and remote control for the scale.

The product line for RAVAS scales for counterbalanced trucks includes four distinct iForks models: iForks Economy 2.0, iForks-32, iForks-32 XT, and iForks-52.

iForks Economy is the ideal entry-level model with an attractive price point. iForks Economy is completely wireless and can be installed on any lift truck within five minutes. The driver display in the cabin shows the weight of every load lifted in 5 lb. increments. Scale functions include gross and net weighing and total weight per shipment. Powered by robust, exchangeable battery modules that provide 80 hours of real use, iForks Economy includes Digital Calibration Technology.
The iForks-32 is a high accuracy, next generation scale system. With only 2.3-inch fork height and no external components on the fork shank, iForks-32 is similar in appearance to standard lift truck forks. The upgraded 320 driver display offers attractive new features, like 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic tilt compensation, to automatically correct weight errors that occur when the mast tilts and the forks are not in horizontal position. Powered by compact Lithium ion battery packs, there is no cabling so installation can be completed in minutes. The iForks-32 is available in Legal For Trade versions.
iForks-32 XT is the low version of the iForks-32 and features a reduced fork height of only 1.9-inch. This makes it much easier to enter into low or damaged pallets and to pick up containers with low openings. In cross section, the forks measure 1.9-inch x 6.4-inch. The XT offers the same digital features as the iForks-32. iForks-32 XT is tested at 125% of capacity, during 1 million lifting cycles.
RAVAS's next generation iForks is the iForks-52. The iForks-52 is expected in the first quarter of 2021. The iForks-52 will be equipped with a very intuitive touch screen and more advanced features such as piece counting, a tare weight registry, cross docking accumulations and much more. Soon to be released!
RWV-C weighing forks require a fixed installation on a forklift truck. Cabling is installed between the forks and the indicator in the cabin, and power supply is taken from the truck battery. The RWV-C is specially designed for mobile use: compact, shock and vibration proof, and with low power consumption.

RAVAS also offers the iCP - Intelligent Carriage Plate scale system. Available in two models - Legacy and High-Vis - the iCP scale systems are constructed of solid steel. The 10-step installation procedure requires no modification to your equipment. The iCP scale system's rugged design features superior load sample linearity, enhanced serviceability, improved heel-to-toe/fork-to-fork accuracy, and a variety of safety features.

The iCP scale system also allows for wireless connectivity so that data collected onboard the lift truck can easily be shared with other touch points within the logistics networks of warehouses and shipping environments.

The High-Vis model was designed to provide improved visibility for warehouse employees. The design enhances the warehouse employee's productivity by improving operational safety and reducing damage caused to valuable cargo. The dual tensions load cells deliver weights with a 0.1% accuracy. The Legacy is RAVAS' standard model and includes many of the same features as the High-Vis, such as an overload rating of 300% and safety bolts that provide a 5-to-1 safety factor. The Legacy model has a single tension load cell and delivers the same 0.1% accuracy.

A number of indicators are compatible with the iCP scale system, including the RAVAS Scale Indicator 2100. The indicator 2100 offers all basic scale functions: gross/net weighing, zero correction and an adding function for calculating total weight.

If the scale has a built-in printer, both individual weights and total weights are printed on the ticket. The indicator 2100 is suitable for all check weighing, such as: checking incoming goods; determining shipping weights; preventing overloads; filling drums, containers and big bags, and for communication of weight data to a PC or wireless network.

RAVAS USA is located at 1500 Enterprise Pkwy in Twinsburg, Ohio and can be contacted at 330.425.3092. Additional information on the company, products, and service can be found at www.ravasusa.com.

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