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Increase your productivity at lower handling costs with Bolzoni Auramo’s multiple pallet handlers

Thursday, 3 March 2011 ( #503 )
Single Double Pallet Handler DS model.Click to view larger image.
Single Double Pallet Handler DS model.Click to view larger image.
Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo offers a complete range of multiple pallets handlers. Thanks to the wide choice of models, capacities, widths and fork opening, the Bolzoni Auramo multiple pallet handlers provide the possibility to satisfy the requirements of all industries characterized by heavy handling of palletized loads and in particular soft drink industries, breweries, mineral water bottling plants, food industries, brick industries. The range of Multiple Pallet Handlers is available in the following models: DS for 1-2 pallets, DS-FT for 1-2-3 pallets, DS-FS for 2-4 pallets, DS-F6 for 2-4-6 pallets, DS-F4 for 2-3-4 pallets. Amongst the different versions available, the recently introduced single double pallet handler DS model offers interesting features:
    Single Double Pallet Handler DS model. Click to view larger image.
    Single Double Pallet Handler DS model. Click to view larger image.
  • Compact frame body
  • Innovative and patented sliding system.
  • Frame with small side vertical plates and reduced height from ground level for better visibility from the driver seat and safer operation.
  • Separate sideshift providing constant sideshift range regardless of the fork opening for perfect positioning of the pallets.
  • Self-lubricating polyamide bearing pads for easier maintenance.
  • Forks synchronized movement.
  • Identical and interchangeable bolt-on forks with specially reinforced heel area for longer working life.
  • Inner forks positioning with gas-springs.
  • Considerably larger central window of visibility to ease the lorry loading operation and the pallet handling for the production conveyors.
  • Excellent visibility on fork tip through chassis and above.
  • Incorporated load backrest to protect the load.
  • Available also in non-sideshifting version.
Superior visibility on fork tips allow fast, safe and damage-free handling. Design with optimized number of high quality components and easy and fast replacement of wearing parts grant reduction in service costs. It allows to handle more loads in less time, increasing the productivity and reducing handling costs during storage or loading and unloading of vehicles. Bolzoni Auramo has calculated that the R.O.I. for this attachment is less than 18 months. The single double pallet handler DS model offers great flexibility of use and application and represents a reliable and efficient solution to today's most demanding handling needs. Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of 16 direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents, it is able to satisfy all market requirements. World leader in the market of OEM factory installed products, Bolzoni Auramo is approved supplier for all main fork lift truck manufacturers. For more information on Bolzoni Auramo products please visit our web site:, and contact us at, or contact the nearest Bolzoni Auramo representative.
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