Lightweight Forklift Truck Cylinders from Ragasco

Thursday, 18 December 2008 ( #391 )
In 2006 Ragasco introduced their composite LPG cylinders for Forklift Trucks (FLT).
They are available in two sizes 10 kg (22 lbs) and 14 kg (31 lbs).

The major advantage is the light weight. The largest cylinder has a tare weight of only 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) giving a maximum weight of 21.5 kg (47.3 lbs) when full. European Manual Handling Operations Regulations state that you cannot lift anything heavier than 25 kg further than elbow height, so the Ragasco FLT cylinder is well below this requirement.
All cylinders have identical tare weight.

The low weight combined with an ergonomic design makes the cylinder very easy to lift and handle. They are also stackable. The single-piece pressure vessel is a seamless construction for maximum safety.

The all-composite cylinder is corrosion-free and has a clean inner liner surface assuring no contamination to the engine.

The FLT cylinders can be delivered with a wide range of valves for liquid service including a US configured valve with stop-fill function for filling in horizontal position.

Lightweight, Transparent & Safe

Health, Safety and Environment

The unique lightweight composition offers enormous advantages for use by all parties, and in particular employees of gas companies will find lifting the tank much easier and safer.

Reducing the weight by up to 50 % compared with steel, will make propane a more attractive fuel for Forklift Trucks.

Ragasco's cylinders have unrivalled safety in both short and long term, with no risk of explosion and no corrosion over time regardless of climate.

Lower Operational Costs

The construction of the cylinder is non-corrosive and so there is no need for sandblasting and painting.
Easily portable and attractively designed, these are the LPG cylinders of the 21st century.

Customer Loyalty

Introduce the Ragasco composite FLT cylinders to your customers and they will never go back to metal cylinders.


Phone: +47 61 15 16 00
Fax: +47 61 15 18 35

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