The WSS “DRIVER ID” could save your employees from serious injury or death

- 6 Jul 2006 ( #267 )
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The WSS "DRIVER ID" is not unique in its keypad/swipe card entry for forklifts. What sets our product apart is the requirement by the driver to carry out a full startup safety check. The "DRIVER ID" prompts the driver to answer a check list and records their response. Once complete and if all the answers are YES the unit will allow the forklift to start. Should the driver answer NO to any question the unit will prompt them to call their supervisor. The supervisor enters the ID and the unit will let them know what fault was recorded, the supervisor is then asked by the unit to either allow the forklift to be operated or, parked or have maintenance repair the fault.

Once a NO is recorded, every time a driver enters their ID, the "DRIVER ID" will ask for the supervisor to enter their ID. This forces the driver/supervisor to get the fault repaired. Once the fault is recorded the "DRIVER ID" is programmed to look for pin code/swipe card ID from the service provider, only when this ID is entered into the unit will it stop asking for the supervisors ID.

Every entry is recorded in the unit and is downloadable so a record can be kept.

The WSS "DRIVER ID" could save your employees from serious injury or death as it wont allow faulty forklifts to be operated.

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