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Manitou gives MT13 a lift

Thursday, 12 January 2006 ( #242 ) - ANCENIS, France
Manitou is introducing a new range of telehandlers with improved lifting performance. The Ancenis-made Manitou 14-metre (MT14) telehandlers, introduced to the worldwide market last month, will replace the Manitou 13-metre (MT13) telehandlers early this year. The MT14s, which have a lift height of 13.6 metres, meet the demands of the building industry by improving their loading curves, enabling the extension of a pallet to 9.5 metres in front of the telehandler's wheels, Manitou said in a statement. A double LPS (load place system) cross-gate lever, already available on the 10-metre models, will be a standard fitting on the new MT14 models. With the lever, the operator can use one hand to control all movements involving materials handling with forks and buckets. The machines, with nominal capacities ranging from 3,500kg to 4,000kg, are available in converter (MT 1235 SL, MT 1440 SLT) and hydrostatic (MT 1435 HSLT) transmissions.