Proximity Warning System Changes the Forklift Safety Game

- 9 Jun 2022 ( #1080 )
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Let’s face it, with all the forklifts and heavy machinery at manufacturing and distribution facilities, a lot could go wrong. With an estimate of 35,000 to 62,000 forklift-related injuries occuring every year, this is no surprise to OSHA. But with such a long-standing issue, a modern-day solution must come to the forefront. Offering over 20 years of expertise in telematics solutions, Access Control Group (ACG), has developed AWARE - a collision avoidance wearable and proximity warning equipment mount. Integrating with their comprehensive fleet management system, ADVANCED - AWARE is a collision avoidance device that is changing the forklift handling game in many ways. 

How Does AWARE Work?

Leveraging ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, AWARE measures distance from equipment to equipment and pedestrian to equipment to alert both operators and pedestrians of approaching equipment. Designed to keep your workforce safe and your forklifts intact, AWARE offers customizable distance settings and two warning ranges: Alert (Amber Zone) and Alarm (Red Zone). When pedestrians approach the Alert zone of moving equipment, their wearable tag will beep, flash, and vibrate. If they enter the Alarm zone, the frequency of the warning will increase. The unit mounted on the forklift will trigger an alarm to warn the operator and take the necessary precautions to avoid an accident. 

How Can AWARE Improve Workplace Safety?

AWARE is easy to install and is compliant with mandated safety regulations. Compatible with any mobile asset and featuring long-lasting rechargeable batteries, AWARE helps facilities:

  • Avoid injuries and fatalities
  • Minimize collisions
  • Reduce costly damages
  • Improve hazard communication
  • Enhance safety programs

Addressing the Dreaded Blindspot

One common cause of forklift collisions is operators missing pedestrians and equipment in their vehicle’s blindspot. When paired with ACG’s RADAR, AWARE is capable of alerting of objects located behind mobile equipment. RADAR is a backup warning system that can warn of pedestrians and obstacles to avoid costly incidents and excess downtime.

When Safety and Asset Tracking Collide

The AWARE wearable safety device and equipment mount works seamlessly with ACG’s cloud-connected business intelligence platform, AssetPro 360. Using your PC or smart phone, forklift fleet managers can remotely manage assets and ensure safety compliance by monitoring the following: 

  • Safety and regulatory compliance
  • Abuse, load, and temperature Levels
  • Battery and charger usage, water levels, and lifecycle data
  • Equipment usage and idle time
  • Maintenance data

About Access Control Group

Access Control Group is a pioneer in scalable asset management with over 20 years of industry experience helping businesses in the ground support, material handling and manufacturing industries. We provide IIoT solutions to Fortune 100 corporations and help them gain unprecedented visibility across their enterprise with our modern API.

For more information, please contact:

Access Control Group
Tel: +1 908-789-8700
Email: send an email 


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