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Thursday, 15 October 2020 ( #996 )
DEALERS WANTED!! WE ARE SELLING IN OVER 50 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE BUT WE WANT MORE!!! UNIQUE HYGIENIC DESIGN ULMA Inoxtruck provides hygienic solutions for LOAD handling in the production facilities of the FOOD and PHARMA industries.
  • Hygienic Design (In compliance with EC Directives, ISO and GMP)
  • Manufactured 100% in stainless steel 304L or 316L
  • Ergonomic, light and easy to handle
LOWEST MAINTENANCE COSTS ULMA deeply studied the most important maintenance costs on material handling equipment among food processors. A big amount of money was spent on replacing rusty wheels (frequent and time consuming operations), electronic boards damaged due to water splashes or even condensation when going in/our cold stores, repaint needed before mandatory audits, etc. We considered all these issues and implemented solutions on our designs resulting in long life wheels, waterproof electronics, open structures to avoid food rest accumulation which will guarantee that we can effectively reduce the cost of ownership of our products. A quick return on your investment if you compare to apparently 'cheaper' solutions. LOWEST CONTAMINATION RISKS ULMA Inoxtruck has developed an innovative hygienic design in all their product range that allow our customers to include our products in the cleaning procedures that the companies have set to guarantee the hygiene of their production processes. Our customers have also highlighted the huge time reduction the open structures/design of our machines imply when it comes to properly sanitise a truck.
LOOKING AFTER ERGONOMICS AND SAFETY The ergonomics and safety are two key questions in our innovative focus. When ULMA our experts started to visit food production plants they were shocked about the amount of work /operations that was done manually because of lack of appropriate machines for load handling. People repetitively bending their backs hundreds of times a day to collect products from within plastic containers... add the high humidity and the low temperatures of the processing areas and you will have the highest rate of absenteeism due to backaches!!! That costs a lot of money to most of the food processing companies! ENGINEERED BY CHALLENGES: CLEAN AND SAFE LOAD HANDLING EVERYWHERE Goods handling in the production area include moving the product that is being processed as well as the tooling/packaging for the machines that are used in the area. ULMA Inoxtruck has developed five product lines that practically cover all the needs, guaranteeing sanitation throughout the production process.
  • product TRANSPORT
  • product LIFTING
  • product handling/tipping
  • changing tooling in processing/packaging lines
WATCH OUR VIDEO HERE! OUR CUSTOMERS, OUR PARTNERS Every day, the decisions we make, the actions we take, the way we treat and our proximity to OUR CUSTOMERS make us their PARTNERS. All our clients endorse our trajectory and are our best reference:
Some important customers in the food industry
Some important customers in the food industry
Some important customers in the pharma industry
Some important customers in the pharma industry
About ULMA ULMA Inoxtruck is part of ULMA Servicios de Manutención (ULMA Handling Services). A big group specialized in comprehensive merchandise of handling solutions employing maintenance machinery. More than 35 years' manufacturing, customising and refurbishing forklift trucks with a successful experience have enabled us to focus the organisation on the most demanding customer requirements, providing high levels of quality and professional advice when analysing their needs and productivity increases.
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