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Ommelift launches insulated platform

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 ( #993 ) - Omme, Denmark
Ommelift's new 2650 iRX-46kV
Ommelift's new 2650 iRX-46kV
Ommelift, the Danish manufacturer of tracked lifts, has introduced a new insulated platform - the 2650 iRX-46kV. The platform is designed for working close to power lines. All booms are insulated with Waco fibreglass sections, which enables safe and manoeuvrable work. The 2650 iRX-46kV has a working height of 26.5 m and an unrestricted outreach of 12.2 m. A dual parallelogram articulating riser gives 13 m up-and-over free clearance and provides vertical wall tracking. Features also include a hydraulic circuit for saw hook-up and 180 degree basket rotation. With the telescopic section working on rollers, there is no slide pad friction in the telescopic movements. This ensures the same operational speed with full basket load in all positions. The 2650 iRX standard version is a diesel/battery hybrid with engine-generated recharging of the battery pack. Battery power means no noise and no fumes, according to the company. The first 2650 iRX units are already in use in the United States. Axel Thogersen, CEO at Ommelift, says: "It is our finest job to help professionals work safely at height. This lift provides a safe foundation, for example, for tree workers to work safely in close proximity to power lines." Ommelift is a third-generation, family-owned corporation, tracing its origins to 1906.
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