MiMA multi directional forklift in textile industry

Thursday, 24 September 2020 ( #993 )
MiMA's multi directional forklift TFC series is an electric forklift with one-key switching of modes such as straight travel, side travel, diagonal travel, right-angle turning, and in-situ rotation. It is suitable for handling and stacking long materials such as profiles, wood, and curtain walls in narrow aisles. Textile industry customer case:
This is a large textile company with products exported to many countries and regions. Due to the increase in sales volume and the increase in the cost of warehousing and logistics, the warehouse area for goods storage is limited, and the goods are heavy and long in size, so a narrow aisle storage and handling solution is needed.
According to the customer's actual working conditions, MiMA provided the customer with an efficient solution: MiMA multi way forklift TFC series. Rated loading capacity of TFC series is 3000-4000kg, max. lifting height is 8000mm. The solution makes their handling easier and efficiently, which was highly praised by the customer. Founded in 1994, we, BANYITONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPING CO.,LTD, are specialized in designing and developing with all-around logistics handling solutions. For more details please contact us by email or visit our website. BANYITONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPING CO., LTD. Send an email
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