Panacea Launches Unique Marketing Campaign: NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES

Thursday, 24 September 2020 ( #993 )
Las Vegas, Nevada September 16, 2020 Panacea Aftermarket Co., the exclusive world-wide distributor of Beast Safety Products & Forklift Parts, with locations in the USA & Canada, has announced a novel marketing campaign in response to the worldwide pandemic. "There's nothing we enjoy more than visiting our existing and potential clients and introducing new products, which really needs to be seen to be appreciated for their creativity and originality," said Don Martindale, CEO of Panacea Aftermarket Co. "Unfortunately given the current situation, that is no longer possible for now. So, we are launching our 'Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes' campaign, consisting of two distinct solutions for viewing these products," continued Martindale. Panacea Aftermarket Co. has made a significant investment in a professional grade audio-video editing suite, complete with the latest in post-video production hardware and software. All this enables them to offer informative, entertaining and interactive virtual presentations for any viewers, be it one single guest or one hundred. "Over the years, our clients and site visitors have really enjoyed our product videos, but what they may not know is that we produce those ourselves, all completely in-house. So, we built on that experience and expanded our capabilities, reimagining the virtual meeting space and taking it to the next level," said Martindale. "It is no longer a boring, static presentation with someone sitting at a desk, clicking through a Power Point slideshow." While their campaign delivery method is impressive, Martindale also stressed the importance of getting new forklift safety product information made available as quick as possible, with the understanding that employees' health, forklift operator increased efficiency and workplace safety improvements cannot wait until the situation returns to normal. "We love the blue forklift light. They have saved countless lives. However, most people do not know that for approximately the same price, we can offer them an Arc Light, which has 75 times the coverage of the blue light," Martindale said.
Virtual Meeting
The second element of this campaign is their self-contained video brochure, which is small in size but huge in content. It packs up to two gigabytes of videos, product information and specifications, features a rechargeable battery-powered seven-inch screen, pre-loaded with select products best suited for that specific clients needs. "These electronic product brochures are geared towards the executive or manager who would like to be informed of the latest forklift safety products but finds it difficult to get their team together at the same time for a virtual meeting. With our brochure, they simply just pass it along to their appropriate team members," Martindale explained.
Martindale went on to say that the initial campaign response was better than anticipated: "I believe it speaks to the fact that customers now are looking to save, more so than ever before, for obvious reasons. Whether it be in equipment, repairs, parts, rentals or help in reducing product damage and keeping their workplace safer. And being able to offer a value added, inexpensive product that your competition does not, demonstrates to the customer that you do not view their relationship as transactional but rather solutions driven." Contact Don Martindale to reserve your spot for one of these exciting consultations. He can be reached by email or on +1 905-856-1229.
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