EKT optimizes your battery operation with MSD concept

Thursday, 30 July 2020 ( #985 )
With conventional battery operation, one battery type only fits another specific truck model. Battery interchange among trucks is very limited, which leads to high capital investment and lower returns. EKT, the leader in Lithium Traction Battery, has recently launched a full series of MSD battery, MSD in other words is "Minimized Standard Drop-in", this revolutionary concept will greatly enhance your battery utilization with a lot benefits:
  • Minimized Dimension to fit most and different forklift models. (Up to 90%)
  • If compared with customized battery, it is Ready to sell, immediate delivery from stock.
  • Inter-changeable among different trucks, great enhancement in flexibility and capital utilization.
  • More uniformed components, more service convenience.
  • Great reduction with cost that is relevant with battery logistics and storage.
  • More competitive battery cost due to standardized production.
We provide various options of MSD battery from 25.6V until 83.2V, covering your need no matter it is pallet, stacker, and forklift or reach truck.
EKT Battery, combining all advantages of Lithium together with MSD concept, is the perfect solution towards higher productivity and profitability.
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