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Thursday, 21 May 2020 ( #975 )
No lead time: we release shipments within one working day after we receive your order.
With the rise in popularity of electric battery powered forklifts and the limited capacity of manufacturing them, lead times in battery provisions are getting longer and longer, and the cost is getting higher and higher. STB America provides a much needed solution to this issue. STB America is a factory direct supplier of industrial Asian manufactured forklift batteries, stocking a complete line of batteries for a wide range of forklift models. With over 20 million USD of battery inventory in the USA, most popular models can be released within one working day - a significantly faster lead time than the industry average of six to eight weeks. With a maximum lead time of four days, STB America prides itself on delivering high quality products, industry leading customer service, and a quick turnaround in shipping: all in the hopes of helping you build your brand. The smarter choice for distributors and OEM customers STB America doesn't brand its batteries - instead supporting its business partners to build their own private brands. STB America supplies to distributors and OEM customers only, no retail sales. At STB America we respect and protect your business, leaving your brand your own. With over 50 years of experience, STB America can provide customers with either wet batteries (filled with acid and fully charged) or dry batteries, depending on your needs. STB guarantees that every battery is made per your order requirements.
Why choose STB America for your forklift battery solutions?
  • Lowest cost: STB America is the leader in providing low cost batteries, which have 40% or more of savings when compared to other suppliers. All dry cells are made in our Asian factories, and assembled in the USA with US made UL approved cables and connectors, meeting BCI standard and NAFTA requirements.
  • Fast Delivery: most popular models and orders are released within one working day, and for other models, we provide a turnaround time of four days (including weekends and holidays) - compare this to the average lead time of six to eight weeks from other suppliers.
  • Quality and Warranty: STB America's standard five year or 5+2 year warranty matches other key players on the market, but at a greatly reduced cost, whilst offering a much faster delivery time.
  • Local Inventory: STB America owns 140,000 sq. ft. of warehouse in California and 100,000 sq. ft. in Texas, with more to come on the east coast and Canada. A fast delivery base is ensured by STB's safety inventory totalling over 20 million USD.
  • Various Standards: STB America can supply BCI, DIN, BS, and Chinese GB standard products.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: STB America can arrange shipments for any need you require, from single pieces to fully loaded containers, and even emergency shipments. STB can also organise blind shipments (drop ship) directly to your customers.
  • Trustworthy partnership: At STB America, you are our partner and number one priority. Your business is respected and protected. STB focuses on collaborating with partners to achieve a win-win situation.
For more information on partnering with STB America for all your forklift battery needs contact:
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