MIMA - pioneer of Chinese VNA and Electric multi directional forklift

Thursday, 9 April 2020 ( #969 )
As the leading manufacturer of Chinese electric forklift and material handling equipment, we are specialized in designing and developing all-around logistics handling solutions with conception of durability and productivity, comfort and efficiency. MIMA provides customers with logistics handling solutions from 500kg to 100,000kg. MIMA is the pioneer of Chinese VNA forklift. Electric multi directional forklift MQZ series, with loading capacity of 2500kg and max. lifting height of 10000mm, allows movement for long loads in all four directions and can handle efficiently and economically long and bulky loads with ease in narrow aisles. Maximum length of material is 8 meters. Features of Electric multi directional forklift MQZ series:
  • EPS+one switch to change the driving direction, with high work efficiency
  • Shimadzu brand gear pump and buffering hydraulic cylinder, with stable operation and low noise
  • USA Curtis controller, with precise control, simple parameter setting for controller, powerful function and less failure rate
  • Sumitomo brand hydraulic hose, anti-wear and tensile, with long service life
Our pallet stackers also perform very well when working. The MIMA walkie pallet stacker MBC series with loading capacity 1500kg and max. lifting height 5000mm is the flexible, economical solution for warehouse material handling with high use value. Features of walkie pallet stacker MBC series:
  • Electromagnetic brake, fast brake, safe and reliable
  • Integrated control handle, simple and beautiful
  • Curtis controller, AMP waterproof and dust-proof plug-in make electrical systems safer, and greatly reduce electrical failure
  • Long handle design, easy for handling and stacking
  • Emergency direction function, avoid crushing injury, ensure operatorâ??s safety
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