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Microlift launches New Hybrid 15 Plus

Thursday, 2 April 2020 ( #968 )
What is a truck we really want? That can handle the headaches of cost, labor, quality and service etc? Microlift's Hybrid 15 Plus is such a pallet truck with the highlights below:
  • 2-3 times efficiency compared to Hand Pallet truck (field proven)
  • 1 Hybrid=1 Hand Pallet Truck + 1 Electric Pallet Truck
  • Module design ensures minimal service; even end-user can replace components, just like HPT
  • Quality originating from the latest design and technology.
So it is time for a revolution right now for the four million hand pallet truck market. Hybrid 15 Plus is a pallet truck with hybrid drive + hybrid pump, making Microlift hybrid truck family more powerful and perfect.
First, let's see what is a Hybrid Truck?
What are the advantages of Hybrid 15 Plus? Compact Body
  • Dimensions similar to hand pallet truck;
  • Module design;
  • Weight of only less than 130kg.
Hybrid Drive
  • Normally used with lithium power;
  • Power off or malfunctions, release brake and pull/push manually.
Hybrid Lift/Pump
  • Normally lift by lithium power;
  • Power off or malfunctions, pump up and down manually.
VNA Application
  • Very Narrow Aisle: within lorry, supermarket, truck, container, logistic transportation, etc.
Big Gradeability
Powerful Hybrid Drive Unit makes climbing slopes so easy! 8% Gradeability in full capacity of 3000lbs (1500kgs). Key Components of Hybrid 15 plus guarantee high performance:
No matter whether you are a dealer, a customer or a user, Microlift can always offer the best solutions wherever you are because of multiple applications including Warehouse, Distribution, Supermarket, Logistics Company, Manufacturer etc. by different models : galvanizing, scale weighing system, stainless steel, galvanizing + scale, stainless steel + scale etc. Let us Hybrid together!
For more information, please contact:
Microlift Group Co., Limited. Mrs. Shany Ye (LinkedIn) Tel: + 86-571 2821 6015 Mobile: + 0086-13989812296 Email: send an email Website: Social Media: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter