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UWB & AI Enable Never-Before-Seen Efficiency Improvements

Thursday, 19 December 2019 ( #954 )
Ultra-Wideband & AI Enable Never-Before-Seen Safety Functionality and Operational Efficiency Improvements Improving productivity while trying to maintain a safe work environment can, at times, seem to be an un-reachable goal. In today's dynamic employment marketplace, it can be challenging to maintain a seasoned and experienced workforce - while endeavoring to work safely and efficiently. Every opportunity to keep employees safe while increasing productivity can be the differentiator that accelerates a company past the competition.
Heat Map of Forklift Traffic
Heat Map of Forklift Traffic
ATLAR-5DTM AI - Artificial Intelligence & Lost Product Assistant In most modern American warehousing facilities, the management of incoming, stored, and outgoing shipments is facilitated by warehouse management software (WMS). QR and/or barcodes are generally used to identify product while the warehouse facility has identified and mapped storage 'locations'. The WMS provides a snapshot of the current inventory and its location. When new product arrives at the warehouse, the WMS assists the material handling personnel with suggested 'locations' to store the product. Similarly, when product is ready for shipment, the WMS indicates to personnel the 'location' where they can find the specific product. Ideally, the WMS is error-free and inventory locations are 'perfect'. All-to-often, however, product gets shifted around due to damage, routine inventory searches, management of FIFO requirements, or other reasons - and - miraculously, the inventory data is no longer 'perfect' and product is 'LOST'. To address these shortcomings of inventory management and meet the needs of warehouse operators, Quarion Technology developed an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) based real-time location system (RTLS) - providing never-before-seen safety functionality and operational efficiency - all achieved by tracking and controlling forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles. After Quarion launched their two flagship safety-focused products (DokSAFETM and SpeedNFORCETM), they engaged with one of their primary customers to develop efficiency and productivity tools for use within a 1,000,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center. Watch the DokSAFETM video here! With their ATLAR-5DTM real-time location system in place and forklift tracking implemented, Quarion added to their offerings by introducing ForkSENSETM - a module mounted to the fork backrest to provide real-time loaded/unloaded status as well as fork height. With this new data (time-stamped loaded/unloaded, height, and position) coupled with the customer's WMS data (QR/Bar-code scan, inventory location name, operator name, and time stamp) Quarion was able to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to immediately identify errors in the WMS that happen during typical daily operations. ATLAR-5DTM AI discerns 'location' exceptions and anomalies automatically and instantly - providing Dashboard and/or instant SMS/email alerts when anomalies (such as possible lost product) occur. ATLAR-5DTM Productivity Tools KPI Dashboards Quarion's other tools include their operator performance dashboards. These dashboards can be configured to show one team member or your entire team. Statistics such as:
Productivity Dashboard
Productivity Dashboard
  • transactions per hour
  • total transaction for the shift
  • total time moving and loaded
  • total time moving and un-loaded
  • total time on forklift vs. time on shift
  • and more
Driver Reports To improve personnel and equipment management, a facility can be divided among several geo-boundaries or 'areas' in order to capture statistics generated for each area. Below is a sample forklift activity report in 'Area F1' of a warehouse:
Forklifts in Area Report
Forklifts in Area Report
Forklift Utilization Reports Operations managers know all-to-well that forklifts are an expensive asset. Quarion offers tools that can help management right-size their forklift fleet - reducing costs with real-time actionable data. Unlike other fleet management systems, ATLAR-5DTM provides location data, distance driven loaded, total distance driven, impact monitoring with pin-point location of impact, and more. There is nothing currently available on the market that rivals Quarion's technology. ATLAR-5DTM empowers companies to be more efficient and SAFER with the use of Location.
Forklifts Utilization
Forklifts Utilization
Quarion Technology Inc is a leading developer and provider of precision indoor location system technology with a focus on using Position to Drive Efficiency and Improve Safety. Quarion's products and technology are industry tested and proven. Quarion sells and services customers with one brand or a mixed fleet of power industrial vehicles. Quarion also works with equipment OEM's to provide custom, white-boxed solutions. Please contact us to schedule a visit to one of their installation or to discuss opportunities. Quarion Technology Inc
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