Festive Season Mayhem

Thursday, 5 December 2019 ( #952 )
Once again the Festive Season is upon us, merry making, trips away and empty pockets. No more so than in operations where forklift related budgets can get quickly out of control. We all try really hard to focus on the positive aspects of the December period. For some of us its peak time (those in retail) whilst for others its factory shut down and a well-deserved break. Regardless of your religion or general stance on this period, somewhere someone is working their tail off to get a consignment out or on the shelf. It is in this manic rush that much of our maintenance budgets go astray as well. We push really hard to get product where it's supposed to be, so we travel faster, brake harder and inevitably have more impacts, causing damages to machines, racking, product and people. It's a fact that our most productive times are also often the times when we also cause the most damage. There's a fine line between Productivity and Abuse Costs / Health & Safety.
So how do you achieve maximum output with minimum pocket input. With FMX of course! This product has a range of features designed to save on immediate costs such as fuel, tyres, impact detection and battery, as well as mitigate medium to long term costs on gear boxes, engines, masts etc. And if that's not enough, there's also depreciation reduction and driver behaviour profiling, as well as insurance benefits - the list just goes on. So, whether you're lining up to see a jolly fat fellow in the sky or not, focus on Real benefits this season with FMX.
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