Microlift's Hybrid Pallet Truck - Revolution in Hand Pallet Truck Market

Thursday, 21 November 2019 ( #950 )
Why did we call it a "Revolution" in the hand pallet truck market? Microlift's hybrid pallet truck makes itself so close to hand pallet truck throughout history, which helps the users to say goodbye to low efficiency and tiring hand pallet truck and will replace the hand pallet truck step by step in the near future.
  1. The closest price to hand pallet truck in history: just $299-$599.
  2. Similar as hand pallet truck with full range of products including standard models ET15MH, ET15MH-P, ET20MH, ET20MH-P, optional models: with galvanizing; with scale weighing system, stainless steel etc, it is the multivariant King Kong in pallet truck field.
  3. Main advantages:
  • Due to the highlight "brake release": No battery, no worry, no downtime at all, use as electric pallet truck or as hand pallet truck as you like.
  • Lithium battery with quick changing (just seconds) and quick charging (2-3 hours) makes higher efficiency, less labor.
  • Gyroscope technology handle control unit is more precise stable and flexible, making the truck upright move and turn round in an extremely tight space.
  • More compact structure and light service weight makes the hybrid pallet truck just like hand pallet truck with minimum and no-door service, with big quantity loading in the container.
Microlift Hybrid Pallet Truck
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