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Once in a Lifetime! GNB TENSOR Batteries Outlasting Reach Trucks

Thursday, 14 November 2019 ( #949 )
Increasing profitability with GNB's TENSOR batteries lasting beyond 10,000 hours Intralogistics has a simple bottom line: every working hour of a truck equals money. The longer a forklift or truck is in operation, the more goods can be handled. It all sounds fairly easy, but it is not always fully appreciated in the case of industrial traction batteries powering vehicles in warehouses. The traditional rule of thumb was that 1.5 to 2 batteries were required over a vehicle's lifetime.
Onboard display showing the 10,765 operating hours of a TENSOR battery.
Onboard display showing the 10,765 operating hours of a TENSOR battery.
GNB® introduced the TENSOR battery in 2012, and with a full recharge in just four hours it has been a success story ever since. Recently, a TENSOR battery manufactured and installed in mid-2013 proved the full potential of this advanced technology. After more than six years in a 1.4t moving mast reach truck working in a two-shift, heavy-duty application at K+R Logistics Mainz, Germany, it is still going strong. With 5-6 opportunity charges per day and 10,765 operating hours clocked, the battery is still at 82% C5 capacity, according to IEC 60254-1. Remarkably, it was the truck that needed to be discarded first - the TENSOR battery exceeded the truck's lifespan! The game-changing TENSOR technology has rewritten the rules. It is increasing operational efficiency not only by reducing total cost of ownership through fast charging but also by allowing the investment to be depreciated over a longer time horizon.
TENSOR battery with a lifetime longer than the vehicle.
TENSOR battery with a lifetime longer than the vehicle.
Power up your business with TENSOR GNB has a market-leading range of motive power batteries. Each is designed to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership in particular applications, and GNB helps customers to choose the right one for their needs. GNB TENSOR is an advanced lead-acid battery that excels in heavy-duty applications, making it ideal for 24/7 warehouse applications. It supports fast and multi-opportunity charging, and can support a full recharge from 80% depth of discharge in just 4 hours. This is made possible by exceptional charge acceptance combined with GNB's proprietary Z-profile charging algorithm. Some businesses can even eliminate battery changes entirely by fully leveraging TENSOR's multi-opportunity charging capability. TENSOR's impressive operating lifespan improves return on investment and total cost of ownership. It also offers high energy density, enabling long running times between charges. It is designed to excel in challenging environments, including outdoor, high-rack and cold storage. In cold conditions it exceeds standard traction battery performance by more than 50%.
TENSOR key benefits.
TENSOR key benefits.
GNB Industrial Power has a wide range of technologies and expertise to help its customers embrace the path ahead in intralogistics. This includes market-leading battery technologies, chargers, charging algorithms, battery management systems, consulting and support. Contact GNB to find out how you can leverage the latest technology and take your business to the next level. Author: Dr. Dominik Margraf, Senior Product Manager Motive Power EMEA Contact: Exide Technologies GmbH, Im Thiergarten, 63654 Budingen. Contact via email. For more information, contact:
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