South Australian Grocery Retailer Chooses Fastcharge Australia For Lithium Ion Batteries

Thursday, 21 November 2019 ( #950 )
Joshua King (Fastcharge Account Manager) and Roger Drake (Owner of Drakes).
Joshua King (Fastcharge Account Manager) and Roger Drake (Owner of Drakes).
Drakes Supermarkets, one of Australia's largest privately-owned grocery retailers, has chosen Fastcharge Australia to provide a Lithium solution as its primary power source for MHE. Fastcharge is the exclusive distributor of the Triathlon Lithium-Ion Batteries in Australia & New Zealand. The company is also the licensed distributor and service agent of the Posicharge brand, which has supplied its revolutionary fast charging batteries to fleets of electric vehicles around the world. Fastcharge is a name that continues to deliver intelligent energy management products for the MHE & GSE industries. Fastcharge was commissioned with assessing and evaluating the equipment management systems of the recently launched Drakes distribution centre. The $125 million distribution centre situated in Edinburgh North, South Australia, is an advanced facility that operates with Crown MHE. Fastcharge's Triathlon Lithium Batteries were selected as the ideal power solution for Crown Forklifts. The Triathlon solution will fully integrate with the Crown forklifts via the CAN bus interface, this enables systems to communicate with each other. The battery system is therefore able to manage peak loads while at the same time providing enough energy. This protects the battery and prolongs its operating life.
The Triathlon Lithium-Ion batteries will complete a full charge cycle within an hour through Fastcharge's RF Dual Port 40Kw Chargers. Each battery has a charge rate of up to 1C, 5 times faster than a lead acid battery. The Triathlon Lithium solution is equipped with a safety system that operates at cell, module and battery level. This battery management system is constantly monitoring and coordinating vehicle functions, charging processes and the battery system, therefore protecting the battery from damage caused by overpressure, overheating, over-charging or deep discharge. The Drakes Warehouse went live in September and Logistics Manager Glenn Sutcliffe couldn't be happier. He said: "We have had a tough go live and our trucks running 20 hours per day. We have had a lot of things demanding our attention, forklift power was not one of them." This collaboration between Crown Equipment and Fastcharge enables Drakes to operate its forklifts 24 hours a day 7 days per week without downtime to achieve maximized productivity. Triathlon Lithium-Ion batteries have a minimum lifespan of 8 years with almost zero maintenance required and zero emissions (no gassing), making it one of the safest and most sustainable power sources in the MHE industry.
Triathlon Lithium-Ion batteries are also conveniently integrated into existing fleets of forklifts that run on previous leadacid technologies. This prevents the costs of a mass overhaul or vehicle restructuring among any fleet of forklifts. As Drakes Supermarkets expands its business with its new distribution centre, Fastcharge will continue to offer its reliable technical support through powering handling processes with reduced operational costs and man hours. Fastcharge Australia remains an industrial leader through the next generation of energy management. FastCharge Australia
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