Forklift Pedestrian Sensor keeps people safe from moving vehicles

Thursday, 20 June 2019 ( #928 )
Forklift Pedestrian Sensor saves lives
Forklift Pedestrian Sensor saves lives

Forklifts are one of the most hazardous, commonly used vehicles in workplaces across Australia. Safe Work report that last year 190 workers were killed at work. Of these approximately half involved a vehicle. It only takes a moment of driver or pedestrian inattention to cause an accident occasioning injury or death. The BodyGuard Forklift Pedestrian sensor offers an effective and simple way to keep your people a safe distance away from mobile plant in your work places, resulting in a dramatic improvement in your safety process. Many of our clients use the system in warehousing and workshop sites, where they discovered traditional methods of safety rules, bollards and keep out areas are not enough to keep their people safe from the danger of being struck by moving vehicles. If you are concerned about human factors like non-compliance with safety rules, inattention, poor safety behaviour (judgement) and physical problems like blind spots around vehicles then BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety Warning system provides you the solution to address these issues. In addition to saving lives and the negative impact to your company as result of death or injury (by providing immediate unmistakable warning for driver and pedestrian worker), the system teaches drivers and pedestrians how to keep a safe distance away. The forklift pedestrian sensor detects people breaching the safety exclusion zone and activates a clear warning for forklift driver and pedestrian. Tags worn by pedestrians ensure positive identification of someone in the exclusion zone and prevents false alarms. The forklift pedestrian sensor zone provides 360-degree cover, adjustable from 2.5m radius to around 9m.

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