Doosan forklift’s “fingertip” design wins 2017 Good Design Award

Thursday, 14 December 2017 ( #851 )
Doosan Fingertip Design
Doosan Fingertip Design
Doosan forklift's "fingertip" design has received a number of famous awards both domestically, in Korea, and internationally for three consecutive years, and has now taken possession of the so-called "Design Triple Crown." Doosan announced on the 8th of that its forklift control equipment "Finger-tip Controller" had been selected for the Outstanding Design category of the 2017 Good Design Awards, Korea's most highly regarded design awards. This is Doosan's third design award after the Bronze Award at the 2015 Pin-Up Design Awards and an honorable mention at the 2016 Red Dot Design Awards in Germany. Doosan has applied an ergonomic design to its 'Fingertip Controller', thereby increasing the user's work efficiency as well as improving the cognitive awareness function. Doosan has been acclaimed for the highly 'sensitive' quality of the new product's refined exterior design. "I'm happy to receive a series of positive reviews at a conference that boasts both domestic and foreign prestige," said the design developer. "I plan to do my best to continue producing innovative designs and to always put the customer first." For more information please contact:
Doosan Corp Industrial Vehicle JK Lee e: send an email w: SF: Doosan ShopFront