Revolutionary Forklift of the Future makes landfall in the USA

Thursday, 16 November 2017 ( #847 )
Professional Materials Handling - PMH launches MaxTruck 2T USA campaign
PMH known for the US distribution and support of specialty vehicles such as their trademark "STEINBOCK" lineup of custom built man-up turret forklifts, the BP family of sideloaders and now the MAXTRUCK 2T. This innovative, efficient, flexible, ergonomic and very unique forklift presents itself on the cutting edge of technology. Just one look will tell you there is more to this machine ! The design of the Max wheel offers incredible stability and durability, yet enables the vehicle to travel in any direction. The Omni-directional travel makes the Maxtruck the most flexible counter-balanced forklifts on the market. Traveling at speeds and acceleration known only to conventional counter-balanced vehicles. The patented design commands a high growth potential, opening avenues to customers which previously were unable to find a safe and comprehensive logistical solution. The Maxtruck 2T is constructed to give the driver the optimal view. Using a telescopic boom instead of a mast, coupled with the ability to travel in any direction the driver can always get a clear view of the travel path which maximizes overall safety. When handling long loads the vehicle can maneuver through tight quarters or doors in a sideways motion. The telescopic boom makes it easy to reach over obstructions and position the load in locations normally not accessible by other forklifts.
Thanks to the unique construction the Maxtruck can be equipped with a variety of tool attachments. The patented quick change ability means the Maxtruck can be utilized in a variety of ways. Changing tools is accomplished by the operator and virtually any kind of attachment can be adopted and developed to fit the customer's application. As an example, the Maxtruck can be equipped with a service platform working up to 26'. The service platform allows the operator to control all vehicle functions (lift / lower / extend / retract and travel in any direction ) from the platform. The operator can work to service equipment / lights etc or control the vehicle as an order picker. Minutes later the tool attachment can be changed to a standard fork carriage with integrated fork positioning and fork sideshift or operate a with a lift boom and hydraulic winch. Other design aspects focus on intuitive operation, operator comfort and ergonomics. Where else can you adjust the seat, left and right armrests, finger tip control panels and pedals heights to suit the individual operator. Then talk about finger tip control, standing still the steering wheel to wheel ratio is 1:1 which immediately changes to 5:1 when travelling. The patented SAE approved control system provides operator assistance controlling tilt, weight and travel speeds based on the load and tool being utilized. Add the ability to operate remote controlled (for contaminated or hazardous areas ) and the vehicle truly is a unique single solution provider.
Interested parties, sales agents, dealers and customers please contact: Christopher Nordhorn USA Maxtruck Sales Director for additional information Experience the Maxtruck 2T at our demonstration center in Orlando, FL. Schedule your appointment today! Additional product inquiries are always welcome Steinbock Manup Style Turret Forklifts - offer exceptional quality, productivity and safety. Custom built solutions with capacities served by 9 base models from the EK 1100 - 2420 lbs capacity with the smallest vehicle foot print on the market, to the tallest EK 1500XL able to lift 60 ft, and the heaviest EK 2000 HL able to handle 4400 lbs @ 41" load center (83" x 83" load). BP Sideloaders now part of the CVS Ferrari family of products which range in a variety of configurations from 4400 lbs to 110,000 lbs. Please click on the hyperlinks for additional information on these products. Our goal is simple - provide friendly, honest and personalized service that will keep our customers returning for all their special storage and handling requirements. We are proud that our reputation for traditional values and support has spread from business to business. Call us today! Direct sales and dealer representation Professional Materials Handling Co., Inc. Christopher Nordhorn Phone: +1 (407) 677 - 0040 Fax: +1 (407) 677 - 5948 6932 Hanging Moss Road * Orlando * FL 32807