Lisman Vorkheftrucks BV expands

Thursday, 4 November 2004 ( #182 )
Lisman Vorkheftrucks, Europe's number 1 wholesaler of used forklifts and access equipment, is adding a second building to its existing 12,000 square meter facility. The additional stockspace allows Lisman to not only increase their volume of stock but also their variety. Access equipment such as scissor lifts and telescopic and articulated booms are a more and more substantial element of Lisman's product range. Also rough terrain forklifts and telescopics are a more dominant category of Lisman's stock. The new building will open next spring, so customers will be able to go forklift shopping in the old or the new warehouse. Lisman customers will have the best choice of a range of high quality used forkllifts and other equipment. Lisman offers all its customers a warm welcome. Check our website ( or contact us on +31 30 68 84 884.