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Thursday, 10 March 2016 ( #760 )
Compact Rough Terrain
Compact Rough Terrain
Providing solutions to a range of materials handling applications as a hire business means owning an extensive fleet. What if you could minimise your fleet but maximise your business? The Bomaq MP Series compact rough terrain forklift is the answer to that. These are one of the most advanced rough terrain forklifts in the market and are destined to be the future for forklift fleet hire businesses. The unit at a glance;
  • The Bomaq has a low centre of gravity giving exceptional stability with rough terrain forklift ground clearance of 250mm allowing travel over most terrains.
  • The unit runs in 2WD with the option of selectable 4wd reducing tyre wear while offering the traction of 4WD.
  • The cabin has been designed to comply with both ROP's and FOP's making it ideal for both mining as well as construction applications.
  • Unparalleled manoeuvrability; the unique rear axle design means the forklift has a compact turning circle of 2500mm.
  • Comfortable operators cab designed with both ergonomics as well as superior visibility.
  • Premium parts from leading suppliers for durability; Perkins, Linde, Kubota, just to name a few.
Being Used For Fork & Driver Hire
Being Used For Fork & Driver Hire
The MP Series forklifts host a range of features that provide sensible solutions for hire fleet service providers. All units are built standard with the 4th valve to the carriage, high visibility masts, front and rear screens built in to the cab and easy access to daily inspection points. Lencrow Materials Handling has been a long-time supporter of Bomaq Industries and recognised the potential of this product as a solution for hire businesses. Lencrow Materials Handling have 40 years of experience as a forklift hire business and use the Bomaq in their own fleet. The Bomaq is beginning to build a solid fan base across Sydney with valued customers requesting only the B30MP for hire. Bomaq could be described as the cross terrain forklift as it offers exceptional performance both off road or inside your warehouse.
Being Used For Fork & Driver Hire
Being Used For Fork & Driver Hire
To find out more call Lencrow Materials Handling on 02 9352 1000 or visit online. This month there are more 3000kg rough terrains arriving brand new from Spain. Will one of these rough terrain forklifts be your next smart business decision?
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