Toyota’s entry level reach truck proves that simplicity can be effective

Thursday, 11 December 2014 ( #697 )
Toyota's BT Reflex range of reach trucks has been setting standards in high performance reach truck applications for nearly two decades. During that time new standards have been set in the product segment ranging from the pioneering use of AC motors back in the 1990s to the TLC (transitional lift control) system offered today, that allows high speed but shock-less lifting and lowering. The latest addition to the family is, however, addressing a different need - the need for simple, straightforward operation in applications worldwide. The new reach truck is the BT Reflex B-series. Not all reach truck applications are 24/7 The wide use of reach trucks is high-demand operations is well established - particularly in the daily goods sector. In these situations reach truck drivers are focused on productivity levels - albeit balanced with safe operation. The BT Reflex R and E-series ranges are designed to meet that requirement, with advanced control options, and high performance characteristics for both driving and load elevation.
However Toyota Material Handling recognises that not all reach truck operations have these demands. Many reach trucks are used less intensely, and are often operated by staff who fulfil many different tasks during the working day. It is for this type of application that the BT Reflex B-series has been developed. Suited to all drivers The BT Reflex B-series is designed to suit all drivers, with simple straightforward controls and a cab that is fully adjustable. Even the floor height can be adjusted to suit all drivers, even the tallest, recognising differing requirements on different continents.
The new BT Reflex B-series for smooth handling
The seat and controls are also fully adjustable, and hydraulic movements are smoothly controlled with traditional, logical, fingertip-operated levers. The trucks incorporate the type of 360º electronic steering first pioneered on the BT Reflex range although more traditional 180º steering is an option. Universal specification levels Whilst high performance R and E-series trucks in the BT Reflex range are capable of lift heights exceeding 12 metres, the new B-series models offer lift heights up to 8.5 metres - suited to most typical applications. There is a choice of capacities - 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 tonnes.
BT Reflex Range of Reach Trucks key features
Commenting on the new trucks Martin Mimer, Group Manager for Product Management Warehouse Trucks, said: "Most reach trucks offered in the market are based on the one-size-fits-all principle, which fails to recognise the real requirements in the diverse range of simple applications that exist all over the world. We set out to develop a truck that is genuinely fit-for-purpose in the more simple and straightforward reach truck market, and it means that we can also be very competitive on price." The BT Reflex B-series is offered at competitive pricing levels, reflecting the market requirements in less intensive applications. However the standard specification also remains competitive, with clear-view mast, tilting forks and electronic speed control and braking. AC motors and battery capacities up to 600 Ah allow long periods of operation between battery recharging. Safety is also enhanced through PIN-code activation, designed to restrict operation to only authorised drivers. Toyota Production System Like all products in the Toyota Material Handling range, BT Reflex models are built in Toyota's own manufacturing facilities according to the world-renowned Toyota Production System, underpinning the quality and reality aspects of the trucks. Product inquiries: Please contact your local Sales and Service Centre Contact
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