Stay flexible with Big Joe for a more streamlined 'rack-to-shelf' process

Thursday, 11 September 2014 ( #684 )
The 'Joey' line of Task Support Vehicles provide a holistic and flexible solution for retail. Click for larger view.
The 'Joey' line of Task Support Vehicles provide a holistic and flexible solution for retail. Click for larger view.
Big Joe has been helping factories and warehouses increase their efficiency with leading quality equipment for over 50 years. As a result of changing trends in the marketplace Big Joe has been developing new equipment to answer the changing needs of their customers. These products, such as the 'Joey', specifically target the need for rapid replenishment of smaller quantities of goods, which is driven not only by picking for e-commerce, but also by deeper changes in retailing and consumer goods supply chains Within this changing distribution landscape, Big Joe is working on several concepts for their 'Joey' line to provide a holistic and flexible solution for retail. Big Lift unravels some of the greater challenges seen in distribution today within their white paper: 'Simplifying fulfillment's 'last move' with 'rack-to-shelf' equipment options' White Paper Excerpt: Managers responsible for warehouse and direct-store delivery environments have no choice in regard to megatrends in fulfillment. There is simply the need to get smaller orders-often at the item level -out to consumers and stores at a much quicker pace than in years past. They can try to adapt the same types of lift trucks and pallet trucks that have been around for decades, or consider a new generation of compact, lightweight and multi-purpose lift and order-picking equipment to take on rack-to-shelf challenges in the most efficient way.
" ...The Joey can smoothly navigate through aisles, can be driven while elevated, and the operator can quickly lower the platform to place items into the cart being pulled by the vehicle." - Bill Pedriana, director of sales and marketing, Big Lift LLC
Read the full white paper here. About Big Joe Big Joe electric walk behind forklifts have been a mainstay in factories and warehouses for over 50 years. Owned by Big Lift LLC of Lombard Illinois, the Big Joe brand of industrial vehicles, which can be viewed at are widely known for their ease of use, stout construction and low operating costs. Please Contact: Bill Pedriana - Director of Sales & Marketing Phone:(630)916-2600 x262, Fax(630)916-0657 Send an email Big Lift LLC - 1060 Garfield Street - Lombard Illinois 60148 See Big Joe's latest products in action on Vimeo