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Auto maker orders more AGVs

Thursday, 19 September 2013 ( #634 ) - Chalfont, PA, United States
A JBT automatic guided vehicle
A JBT automatic guided vehicle
Ford Motor Co of Dearborn, Michigan has ordered automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems from the AeroTech segment of John Bean Technologies Corp, doing business as JBT Corp.

JBT says the order has a value of more than USD10 million.

"Ford has been a valued JBT customer for over a decade, and we are happy to continue this strong relationship," says John Lee, vice president of JBT AeroTech. "With over 250 JBT AGVs operating in their manufacturing plants, this order shows Ford's deep commitment to the technology and thorough understanding of how our AGVs add to their bottom line."

The new orders expand on existing AGV installations and integrate AGVs into new manufacturing areas that have not previously utilised automatic materials delivery. Typically, AGVs move pallets, rolls, racks, carts and containers.

AGV deliveries to Ford are scheduled through the third quarter of 2014, with final commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2014.

JBT leases a Chalfont facility with 67,000 sqft. (6,224 sqm) for operations involving automatic guided vehicles for materials handling in the automotive, printing, food and beverage, manufacturing, warehouse and hospital industries. JBT provides engineering services and simulations to evaluate the materials handling requirements and automatic guided vehicle system hardware and software. JBT says it has built and shipped more than 4,000 AGVs.

AGVs for materials handling applications accounted for 10%, or about USD36.6 million, of the 2012 sales of JBT's AeroTech segment. Companywide, Chicago-based JBT reports a profit of USD36.2 million on 2012 sales of USD917.3 million.

FMC Technologies Inc spun off JBT as a separate publicly traded company on 31 July 2008.
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