Cargotec announces new Hiab Director – Mr Neville Green

Thursday, 29 November 2012 ( #593 )
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Cargotec is pleased to advise that Mr Neville Green has been appointed to the position of Director Hiab.

Neville brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in senior management, dealer development, aftermarket, finance and sales operations functions.

With over 34 years experience in the car manufacturing, distribution and service industry, Neville has an in depth understanding of what is needed to successfully manufacture product overseas, import through local distribution paths and sell via a regional dealer and sales network.

In his most recent role as Country Manager and Chairman of the Joint Ventures of Manheim in China, Neville gained an insightful perspective of the importance of prioritising customer service. "To truly understand and value the needs of a customer you must develop a consultative sales approach - if you can gain a deep understanding of a customer's business needs you can then tailor a solution that the customer recognises they need in order to succeed. It is only then that you create a situation where a customer is asking you to solve their problems - you are no longer trying to push a solution"

Manheim is a global automotive service sector remarketing business focused on auctions, reconditioning, inspections, transportation, compounding and detailing. The customer base is dealers and OEM's, auto financiers and fleet management companies, and Government departments. Neville places great importance on understanding and servicing the customer:
  • Understand the expectations of the customer, whether it be product, service or support related
  • Put in place the agreed solutions to meet and solve customer needs
  • Work with the solution providers, such as production, logistics service providers and dealers resulting in on time, optimal customer focused practices and procedures
Neville is a passionate believer in un-complicating business practices by developing open communication channels and establishing clear targets and responsibilities - a skill he attributes to his time at Nissan - a company whose internal processes are recognised as some of the best in the world. "Share the successes not the failures. Shared vision and buy in of business goals empowers each of the team to enjoy their part in its success"

Neville says he will always listen to complaints but always asks that a recommended solution or improvement strategy also be tabled. "We must always seek constant improvement", says Neville, "for a company to move forward it must have forward thinking people".

This valuable addition to the Cargotec senior management team is evidence of the building blocks Cargotec Australia are putting in place to partner with their customers to help them strive to meet their business objectives. In a heavily commoditised environment it is vital to go the extra mile to help customers achieve success. "Develop a consultative, partnering sales approach with your customer - and focus on developing a long term, successful relationship."

For further information please contact,
Nicola Anderson
Brand Manager
+61 3 9234 7006

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