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Thursday, 20 September 2012 ( #583 )
In 1968 Balkancar Holding established
Balkancar GM, a company, conserved to this day
not only the production and its position in the market for forklift parts, but the initial enthusiasm and professionalism of its founders. Years after the disappearance of the Bulgarian mega company Balkancar Holding, considered once the largest producer of forklift trucks in the world, one of its subsidiaries, specialized in manufacturing of parts for forklifts, Balkancar GM continues to work not only to preserve and defend, but to strengthen its position in the market of spare parts for most of the models of the production range of the old Balkancar.
The company specialises in the production, maintenance and repair of electromagnets, Reversers, DC electrical motors, Electric panels and installations, Coils and rotors, Repair of all kinds of AC/DC motors up to 400 kV and 0.4 kV, and also machining.
The factory has its own land of 32.500 m2, of which 9.700 m2 built -up area, mainly with manufacturing facilities, own electrical power substation, with total capacity of 3.000 kW, waste water treatment installation, a supply of natural gas. Uses modernized equipment, including with CNC, which fully satisfy the needs of current production. It has a qualified staff with long manufacturing experience. Works in conjunction with the Professional school of Electrical Engineering and Mechanics in Knezha, from where it draws young, professionally trained staff for its production needs. The students go for their professional practice to the factory.
The plant meets all modern requirements and EU standards. It holds certificates of product quality ISO 9001:2008, renewed for three years in the middle of June 2012, TUV 154, TUV 155 and TUV156. A little more than 2 years ago, the company changed its ownership from government owned to 100% private. The new management of Balkancar GM took an aggressive course of renovation, modernization and development. In this regard, the necessary steps will be taken to find new markets and / or strategic business partners. These measures will help for better capacity utilization and diversification of production, using the strategic position of Bulgaria as an EU member or its traditionally strong market presence in Europe, former Soviet Union and the Middle East. Other advantages are attractive taxation - 10% flat corporate tax, 10% flat income tax and the lowest production costs in the EU. Bulgarian currency (Lev) is pegged to the euro and the country has a currency board. Currently Bulgaria is very stable financially and has one of the lowest levels of public debt in the EU - 16% of GDP. Bulgaria is the only EU country whose credit rating was raised in 2011 by Moody's.
Balkancar GM is traditionally represented at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from Sept. 24 - 29. 2012. If you are interested in the company or its production please visit us at
Pavilion 13, booth 13A2
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