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Damage free paper roll handling: not just a question of paper roll clamps!

Thursday, 26 July 2012 ( #575 )
Tower Clamps with adjustable height, reducing risk of edge damages. Bolzoni Auramo products are always in continuous development for damage reduction.
Tower Clamps with adjustable height, reducing risk of edge damages. Bolzoni Auramo products are always in continuous development for damage reduction.
Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has a complete range of attachments, conceived with the purpose of optimizing each specific handling requirement, allowing forklift operators to enlarge the lift truck application field, versatility and performances. The Paper Handling Pioneer Within the paper industry, Bolzoni Auramo is well known for its expertise in paper handling equipments and the company holds the market leader position in sales of paper handling tools in Europe. To come up with the best solutions, Bolzoni Auramo is closely co-operating with the paper industry worldwide in order to find innovative solutions for the forest product handling. In the logistic chain, there are some key questions arising daily from operators: How to select the right clamp for dedicated handling? What's the correct clamping force? What kind of contact pad is most suitable? We have all the answers!" Bolzoni Auramo has developed the ROLL CARE SYSTEM, a special program for paper roll handling, including the following features: Products "Damage free handling has always been our goal in developing new paper roll clamps" - says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Auramo's Forest Products Handling Division Manager. Bolzoni Auramo offers well-designed and strong paper roll clamps, equipped with built-in damage reduction characteristics as standard, such as: wide capacity & opening range, good visibility, thin & smooth arms, fast and accurate rotation system, total clamping force control, wide range of contacts pads to suit all load features", he continues: "We have the most suitable attachment for any sort of logistic and material handling need.
But that is not all! Above all, we offer our competence on everything involving paper roll clamps". Knowledge "We have implemented an internal training program to give our sales force worldwide very high competence in paper handling. This action allows us to help and advise our customers in a professional way" - adds Lars Petersson.
Damage Reduction Tools to measure and analyse handling situations. Bolzoni Auramo provides state-of-the-art damage-reduction options increasing safety and productivity operations, such as automatic clamping force systems, valves for pressure selection, load protection and handling safety, accessories for clamping force and paper roll out-of-roundness testing, devices for measurement of paper roll acceleration throughout the transport chain. Local organizations offer the extensive support and operation assistance of experienced sales representatives and engineers for customized handling surveys and solutions. Worldwide Support Thanks to the far-reaching service and support network,
Bolzoni Auramo can assist customers with any service, rental, spare parts, service training and technical need. "The Driver Training Program is an example of this support" explains Lars Petersson "informing and educating our customer on how to reduce damage when handling paper rolls". Global Bolzoni Auramo operates on all continents and on all main pulp and paper manufacturing and transportation sectors, concludes Lars Petersson: "Wherever you are with your forest products, we are there with you!"
Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents, it is able to satisfy all market requirements. World leader in the market of OEM factory installed products, Bolzoni Auramo is approved supplier for all main fork lift truck manufacturers. ISO 9001 Quality System certification proves Bolzoni Auramo's committment to continuous improvements in quality and efficiency in order to provide the best product and service support to customers worldwide. For more information on Bolzoni Auramo Forest Products, please contact:
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