Thursday, 2 October 2003 ( #127 )
Since 1964, Vulkoprin is manufacturing, in Belgium, polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan® under Bayer license and is especially known for its high quality wheels, castors, rollers, tyres and technical parts.

Vulkollan® C (Conductive) is a new product in the Vulkoprin range of materials. Thanks to an intensive research Vulkoprin has succeeded in developing a type of Vulkollan® which is electrically conductive.

Regarding industrial wheels these standards indicate that an "antistatic" wheel has a resistance between 10^5 and 10^7 Ohm. When the electrical resistance is smaller than or equal to 10^4 Ohm it may be called "electrically conductive". The Vulkollan® C wheels have a resistance which is considerably lower than 10^4 Ohm, so these wheels may be named electrically conductive.

Vulkollan® C has the same advantages as the standard Vulkollan®: very high load capacity, high resistance to wear and tear, resistant to oil and grease, etc...

The only available colour of the tread is black and the hardness is around 92 - 95 shore A.

Vulkollan® C is non-marking and the electrical characteristics do not change during the lifetime of the wheel.

As usual in the wheel industry for antistatic or electrically conductive wheels all Vulkollan® C wheel centres will be painted in black. The wheels are supplied with a yellow dot, which indicates that these wheels are electrically conductive.

Small series up to 15-20 pieces will be available in a short delivery time, bigger series are on request.


Environments with a higher danger of fire or explosion (eg. gas,
Dust etc).

Visit us on, email or phone +32 51 403 806.

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