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Bolzoni Auramo intelligent clamps model CTX – The Key to Damage-free Paper Handling

Thursday, 24 May 2007 ( #311 )
Excessive clamping force is one of the most common causes for paper roll out-of-roundness damage. The varying paper grades, roll weight and diameter, roll wrapper friction, clamp's contact pad friction, environmental and dynamic factors could make the clamping force control overwhelming for the lift truck operator. Hallsta Paper Mill solved this problem by using Bolzoni Auramo intelligent clamps. Hallsta Paper Mill opened in 1915 with two paper machines. At the time, the mill was one of Europe's largest producers of newsprint. A strategic location close to Stockholm and a port of its own were important competitive advantages.
From the end of 1950 until 1974, the paper mill expanded greatly, with the addition of four new paper machines. By the end of the period, it had again become one of the largest newsprint producers in the world. Since the early eighties, the focus of production has shifted from bulk products to a wide range of specialised products, especially MF Magazine paper, and now includes a completely new range of products marketed under the name Holmen Plus. The four paper machines at Hallsta Paper Mill produce newsprint and MF magazine paper and a range of special qualities of wood-containing printing paper. The future production on Hallsta's four paper machines will amount to aprox. 800 000 tonnes divided in standard newsprint, SC paper, MF Magazine and book paper. The number of employees is about 1 000. The main part of Hallsta transports goes via the paper mill harbour, by the four boats owned by Holmen Paper. A small part of the transports goes by truck and train.
The varying paper quality, roll weight and diameter increased the need to change clamping force during the loading of Holmen products. To solve this problem they decided to invest in 3 pcs 8,3 tons Bolzoni-Auramo Intelligent Multiple Paper Roll clamps CTX-generation 3, model CTX LA-830-6E. With the investment in intelligent paper roll clamps life has become significantly easier for the paper handling in Holmen Papers own terminal. Bolzoni Auramo CTX is a fully automatic clamping force control system for paper roll clamps. It uses optimized, lowest possible clamping force for all situations and paper grades. The system minimizes the possibility of paper roll out-of-roundness. CTX control uses proven technical solutions combined with advanced electronics for controlling and optimizing the paper roll clamp operations. The lift truck operator does not need to pre-select any operation parameters or change the clamping force settings when handling the loads.
From the handling point of view the intelligent clamp operates the same way as any conventional clamp. The lift truck operator has full control of the arm opening and closing functions. All Bolzoni Auramo CTX clamps share the following operational principles: total clamping force control, minimized clamping force in all handling situations, fast automatic clamping force control also in dynamic situations, full handling control regardless of the roll position, fully computerized control, integrated clamp operation testing and modular design. Bolzoni Auramo Group is the leading European manufacturer of lift truck attachments. The group has 6 production plants, 13 direct branches and a number of independent dealers on all continents.
For any further information, please contact Mr. Lars Petersson, Mktg Director of the Forest product handling division at Auramo Oy: Click here to visit the Bolzoni Auramo ShopFront