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1,000 News Editions: building a trusted ‘voice’

Thursday, 19 November 2020 ( #1001 )
Today, at Forkliftaction, we celebrate 1,000 consecutive editions of our global and independent news service. For 20 years we've adopted an unapologetically razor-sharp focus on all things forklifts and materials handling. We aim to provide coverage that reflects the full scope of materials handling, from the biggest global players through to the vast array of small and local providers that make up the industry. We highlight operations as they adopt new technologies and processes in the hope that they reveal insight into how we continue to evolve. Basically, we aim to provide a snapshot of what is making the industry 'tick' on any given week. In this current age of media abundance, where an increasing number of platforms grab at your attention and news is consumed at lightning pace, we deeply value your continued support. Thank you for your trust in us and for coming back to Forkliftaction week after week. We are always touched when readers take the time to share their stories about how Forkliftaction News has impacted their professional lives. We would like to share some of the recent ones here:

"Forkliftaction is welcome in my in-box any time. As a supplier of materials handling equipment and packaging systems and machinery, it's good to know who's doing what in the wider world. I also know that your organization supports anyone with a genuine story to tell."

Ron Mileham, CEO - King Group


''The newsletter content is always interesting and has kept me updated on all useful information related to the material handling equipment industry worldwide.''

Guy Michel Thelemaque, Business Line Manager - NOVENGI Ltd.


''I have been reading your newsletter since July 17th 2003...Back in those days I was project manager in engineering of a forklift truck project in the US for Jungheinrich Forklift USA. I wanted to have an ear on the rail as we say in Germany. Just to keep me updated on what's up in the forklift industry in the US. From time to time I am still dealing with the US department. I am still with Jungheinrich located on Norderstedt/Germany. Very often I'm surprised at how fast you spread the information about news from the companies. You guys must have a very good network. Impressive!"

Jan Herschel, Senior Project Manager - Jungheinrich AG


"I don't remember if it was the first issue or not but have been a member of Forkliftaction from its inception and definitely with the first 5 issues. It has grown well and upgraded multifold. I am honoured to be a part of this journey."

Neville Wankadia, Assistant General Manager - Godrej & Boyce


"I have been enjoying your publication for probably 15 yrs or so. I have been retired for 3 or 4 yrs after 49 yrs with a Yale dealer in Syracuse, New York. I still read every newsletter, kind of hard to get lift trucks out of one's blood. Thank you for a very good publication."

Bernie McAuslan, retired dealer - Material Handling Products Corp.


"I love the news mixture, the layout and the spread of information. Keep going for the next at least two decades that are ahead of us. Times are changing and so will all of us - adapting to whatever comes."

Stefan Luhn, Sales Export Warehouse Equipment - Genkinger GmbH

Reader, we depend on your continued support. When you share your stories with Forkliftaction News, you help us to offer a broader view of your industry. If forklifts and materials handling solutions are your business, please continue to share your news with us HERE.