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Industry Type: Materials handling
Current Occupation: Sales advisor, customer support, parts advisor
Personal Preferences

Sales advisor, service manager, technical head-assistant, sales manager assistant, parts assistant, customer support.

Materials handling

Full time

Hamburg,Bremen or other

United Kingdom

Sales advisor, customer support, parts advisor

Professional Profile

3 years

industrial machinery handing, spare parts and tires for preparing proposals for new and existing clients, cooperation with customers, customer service, sales Preparation of documents and goods issue. Repair station in-process planning, management and organization, under the aegis of the repair station staff coordination and control, product orders and their enforcement, adoption, spare parts orders the adoption of procurement related activities of the suppliers and their implementation, warehouse labor organization, balance control, and technical and other issues- such as maintaning good relationship with the manufacturer's factory in the English language.

Technical education and good technical knowledge of Forklifts, spare parts and repairs

Looking for work in related activities with loader-EU countries-Uk,Ireland,Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, or in neighboring countries.Within a month I can move and start working.


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