Yale NDR045EB:
Yale NDR035EB Code 10107 display can bus from can IO

Hello Friends need help with this Yale Forklift NDR035EB. Serial D861N02480N
It gives Code 10107 it says Can IO is offline

This Forklift was ship from the USA to St. Maarten, in a container.
The employees remove the forklift from the container, I was not on site to see how they did it. but the lift chain and multi control cable was all tangled up.

after fixing the chain and check the cable, I didn't find any damage, after installing the battery and start up this Code came up 10107, I checked all the harness for open or short circuit, all test good.

we send the can IO to the company that sold us the forklift, they told us they did repair to the Can IO, and they send it back to us.

after installing the Can IO it gives the same code 10107

please any help or suggestions, would be greatly appreciated

kind regards
  • Posted 1 Mar 2022 03:38
  • Discussion started by Ramdeo
  • Netherlands Antilles
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Hi Matt,
No we didn't get trough, it was parked in the warehouse ever since.
We are in St.Maarten, small Island in the Caribbean.
I think I will have to send all the computers for software upgrade.

Thanks for reaching out
Kind regards
  • Posted 26 Oct 2023 23:00
  • Reply by Ramdeo
  • Netherlands Antilles
I definitely appreciate it Scott,

We called the local dealer for Yale and Hyster and they determined that it was a weak electromagnet
  • Posted 23 Oct 2023 10:45
  • Reply by Matt_Bailey
  • Georgia, United States
Matt B
I had a problem with the steering motor replaced and had can display code had to call the dealer and down load the software into all the controllers after that truck was ok.don't know if same problem but if you do not fond any problem could be software problem.Hope l was of help.
  • Posted 14 Oct 2023 03:29
  • Reply by Scott_
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Hey Ramdeo,

Did you happen to find out what was going on with that Display Can Bus error?

I have a Yale reach truck doing the exact same thing and I couldn't find any answers to the issue I was having.
  • Posted 13 Oct 2023 12:24
  • Reply by Matt_Bailey
  • Georgia, United States
Matt B
good day everyone

please i need help with this Yale
  • Posted 13 Mar 2022 01:20
  • Reply by Ramdeo
  • Netherlands Antilles

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